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Zombies Family Date Night

June 17, 2020 in At Home, Family Fun - No Comments

Sometimes the best way to teach a lesson is by utilizing an opportunity for fun. Recently there has been a ton of conversation on social media and in the world about racism and equality. And here at Pails of Love, we feel like the best way to make a change in the world is by making a change in our homes. If you are wanting a family date night idea that allows opportunities to discuss equality, acceptance, and change check out our Zombies Family Date Night.

Now If you are anything like me you are probably like woah!! But hold up momma!!

I know you and me are alike.

You don’t like yucky. I don’t like yucky.

You don’t do bloody or scary. I don’t do bloody or scary.

So what the heck…

Zombies… honestly?!

Okay here’s the thing!! This movie is Disney!! AND it’s a musical!! And really isn’t scary (okay maybe like 30 seconds are but you can fast forward through them)

So here’s the story:

In a town called Seabrook, there is a community that thrives on conformity. To be accepted you fit in through the way you dress, how you act and by being a cheerleader.

That sounds like its own set of problems.

But then you add this twist.

50 years ago there was a Zombie apocalypse that caused part of their peppy community to become zombies.

After being banished to a run-down part of the community, the zombies have figured out how to act human again and have been offered the chance to return to Seabrook High School.

A cheerleader and a zombie meet and learn how they can create change, equality, and acceptance. But they also learn the price that must be paid to get there.

Sounds pretty great huh??

It totally is!!

So if your family is one to enjoy musicals and you want to add an opportunity to talk about celebrating differences and being part of the change for equality then you’ll want to check out this movie!!

This is how our night went and hope yours can be just as fun and enlightening as well!!

Zombie Family Movie Night

Because this is a night that we think your family would want to remember we thought the best way to start the night off would be to have your kids dig through their closets and come up with what they believe the best Zombie or Cheerleader outfit is. Amazon has some really fun cheap costumes ideas if you decide to do this movie night close to Halloween and are looking for a costume!!

Once your kids are decked out, you can spend some time making their hair zombie-like and playing with face paint!!

The girls especially loved this part of the evening of getting their makeup done. It’s crazy how red eyeshadow around the eyes can really play into making the eyes of your child really look zombie-like.

It creates a really cool effect on the eyes making them look tired and hollowed out!!

Zombie Dinner

The next part of our eveining was dinner. Which we tried to keep simple and easy~~So we made up a fun menu with the following options and served it as you would in a fancy restaurant. We had:

The only word of caution that we would give in terms of your Zombie dinner is to really emphasize that this is just normal food they always eat!!

Our kids went hungry and filled up on popcorn because they couldn’t fathom the idea of eating Zombie food!!

If you want to take this movie night an extra step farther then you could also check out these extra ideas that we also did in the afternoon before our family movie night:

  • Make your own DIY tissue paper pom poms and make up your own Zombie Cheer
  • Play a round of Guess the foods (So if you’ve never played before you take different foods and blindfold your children. Ask them to open their mouths and guess what you gave them. You could do like grapes for eyeballs, broccoli or cauliflower for brains, strawberries for hearts, spaghetti noodles for hair or human insides. You then have your child try to guess what they just ate)
  • Make up your own Zombie Dance and record it as a music video to share with family and friends who live far away!!

Once you find that your tummies are full and you’ve watched the movie we have included some questions in our download (you’ll find it at the bottom of this post) to talk to your family about that emphasize the importance of equality, acceptance and standing up for others!!

Zombie Family Night Wrap Up

We absolutely adored this Zombie Family Movie Night. The kids even asked some really cool questions that stemmed those conversations we were wanting to have.

One was about accepting others for the languages they speak that might be different than ours. Another question asked is why does it matter if someone looks, acts, or dresses different.

These are questions truly out of the mouths of babes and we couldn’t be more happy that this movie night was a total success!!

We hope that your family experiences the same and creates an opportunity for you to have those important conversations and special memories your children crave and need!!

Zombies Signs and Menu
Zombies Garland and Movie Questions
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