You’ve Been Tricked

Wanting to get in on that little green Leprechaun’s trickery?? Then join in this game of ding dong ditch to spread the magic of St. Patrick’s Day through you’ve been tricked!!

Our family loves to have fun!! This includes a lot of laughing and jokes!! But this also includes spreading goodness wherever we go.

This means that Ding Dong Ditch is a super fun way to do that and still stay anonymous and to keep the magic real!!

How the ding dong ditch of You’ve Been Tricked Game works is this:

Fill a paper sack or make a small treat bag that you want to give away. Then attach the You’ve Been Tricked sign along with the poem.

(You can find this printable at the bottom of this post)

The You’ve Been Tricked poem that we came up with is:

Why hello my wee lads and lasses

your tricks may be good for the masses

but oh no you can’t catch me

so trick your friends one two three

just leave a treat and ring the bell

and only then will time tell

if they have taken on this tricky task

without you having to ask:

Have they spread magic along the way

to celebrate and welcome St. Patrick’s Day??

Once the St. Patrick’s surprise has been delivered the family will place a door hanger or picture in their window that states, “We’ve Been Tricked”

This allows other friends or neighbors to know that family has been tricked already!!

Once a family has been tricked they are encouraged to keep the game going by thinking of two other families that they can trick!!

The game continues on and on until St Patrick’s Day!!

We love the magic that comes with ding dong ditch!!

And hope that your family does too!!

So if you want to join the ding dong ditch team then download our printable below!!

You’ve been tricked

ps. interested in other ding dong ditch ideas?? Check out our You’ve been boo’d and you’ve been lovestruck!!

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