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You’ve Been Lovestruck

Looking for a different idea for Valentine’s Day?? Join in the game of ding dong ditch with this edition of you’ve been lovestruck!!

Somewhere, along the journey I am coming to realize that although the saying is a family that plays together stays together…

there should be another saying as well…

A family that serves together stays together.

Something that truly brings the magic of the holidays to life is the opportunity that it allows us to look up and outwards.

It allows us to celebrate others in our life who we love and love us too.

But in some cases, it can be someone we don’t even know all that well.

When we were writing the post we have You’ve been boo’d, we realized the fun it brought.

What we didn’t see right then is how glad our hearts felt as we served others.

And that is a lesson our family is coming to learn.

So the lesson we have come to recently see is that holiday magic happens when we love on others.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner!! We thought we would share with you another version of you’ve been boo’d.

For this knicky knicky nine doors trick or ding dong ditch we wanted our readers to be able to share their love with others in a non-romantic but still meaningful way.

So you will find that we use the idea around cupid’s arrows and we are shooting out love.

The poem that we have that can be attached to your bag of goodies for you’ve been lovestruck is this:

Arrows are flying,

oh, what shall we do?

Join in the game and share some love too!

Grab your arrows and candy treats

Then ring the door bell but don’t get beat!

The rule is simple you can’t get caught

Just share your love like it’s red hot

In case, we haven’t been clear with the instructions. What you want to do is remain anonymous in this game!!

You don’t want to get caught!!

The whole goal of the game is to pass on the love until Valentine’s Day!!

So you will definitely need to download our printable so your friends can join in the fun!!

Once you have been lovestruck there is an option to put a door hanger on your front door or a small printable in the window so you don’t get picked again!!

That way more and more people are chosen!!

We love not only being a part of ding dong ditch but starting it too!!

So why not be a part of you’ve been lovestruck with us!! And make someone’s Valentine’s Day super joyful!!

You’ve Been Lovestruck
Miss. Merry Berry

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