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You’ve Been Boo’d

Looking for a fun way to bring some Halloween magic to your friends or family?? Then why don’t you become a secret Halloween Bat and play You’ve Been Boo’d.

I was cooking supper. The children were sitting at the table. Coloring. When all of a sudden the doorbell rang.

I looked at the children. And then asked my oldest to check the door.

She came back in…

“Mommy, there’s no one there”

I went to the door and looked out.

She was right there wasn’t anyone there but there was something there!!

Sitting on the doorstep was a brown paper bag filled to the top with a surprise!!

Tied with a ribbon and a note saying “You’ve been boo’d”

The request was simple. In the next couple of days find a friend or family that hasn’t been boo’d and continue the Halloween magic.

So we did. We filled the bag. We put on the note.

Drove to their house.

Rang the doorbell and ran away.

Leaving a special surprise for them to find.

The lesson learned from this sweet tradition is again simple!!

The best way to find magic in any Holiday is to follow the advice from the poem, A Good Thanksgiving.

The loving advice that the best way to feel love and happiness is to give your love away!!

So why don’t you join in the fun and download our printable!!

Fill a brown paper bag with some yummy Halloween treats and then tie the ribbon and the note!!

These treats are for you

We hope you enjoy!!

The game is simple, one we hope you’ll employ

You’ll pass the “boo” on to two other neighbors

Just add some spooky Halloween favors

Lets all do our part, and spread Halloween Cheer

By Hallow’s eve it will be so very clear

that we’ve all played some tricks and had so much fun

So, please keep our “boo” on the run!!

Share the love.

Ring the bell.

But don’t get caught!!

We promise your heart will be filled with warm fuzzies, and not with creepy crawlies!!

Happy Halloween!!!

You’ve Been Boo’d
Miss. Merry Berry

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