Year One- All About the World Around Me
Unit 17- Celebrating a New Year
(The first unit of our Winter Semester)

A year has 365 days in it.  The Gregorian Calendar starts on January 1st and ends on Decemeber 31st.  When we get to December 31, many people and families celebrate their celebrations, their triumphs and even their failures.  Focusing on ringing in a New Year helps people recognize that there are new opportunities, dreams, goals and activities to pursue.  

So let's get together and celebrate our own New Year!

During this free preschool week there will be 5 lessons to cover Monday to Thursday.

All preschool lessons are prerecorded and on-demand.

They will be available 24/7 for you to use at your own convenience.

Each lesson will range from 25-35 minutes in length.

Each preschool lesson will include a song, story and Language Art or Math based learning game.

Miss. Merry Berry and Millie Monster will introduce a craft and snack idea each lesson that you can complete with your child at home.

Also included in our preschool thematic units are extended learning and play ideas to help your child work on the skills learned during their preschool time!!

Check out our Celebrate a New Year Theme Weekly Newsletter and Letter N Alphabet Pack that is included with this unit (see Monday's Lesson for these two downloads