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Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date

February 4, 2021 in Sensory Play Ideas - No Comments

Looking for an activity for someone on one time for the child that always wants to play?? Check out this Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date that they are sure to love!!

Last week we posted about this super cute Cabin In The Woods Sensory Play world and the response has been overwhelming!!

The parents who have done these activities with their children are absolutely loving it!!

And a little bird may have told us that they have a little who is asking for the next time they will do it again!!

So this one is for a sweet little girl who has requested a Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date!!

If you haven’t heard of a sensory bin then you’ll definitely want to check out our Cabin in the Woods Sensory Play Date Idea because it explains all about sensory bins!!

From how to create one, why they are super beneficial, and different things to add to your sensory bin!!

But, if you want just a quick run down here’s the deal:

Sensory bins use a child’s 5 senses to create a different type of play experience. Okay, well probably 4 you usually don’t want your child eating the sensory bin filler.

The sensory bin filler that you can use for this winter wonderland sensory bin date is either cotton balls, fake glitter snow from Christmas clearance, or the snow blankets that you also find at Christmas.

Maybe you have them hiding at the top of your Christmas bins like we do.

Whatever the case, we will help you create a magical snow scene for your kiddo!!

When we first got asked to create a magical winter wonderland we had to ask for some clarification!!

Because there is so much magic that can come with a winter wonderland scene!!

And the answer was simple something with cotton balls.

Well, lets be honest we needed to step up from just the classic cotton balls!!

So here is the first step to your Winter Wonderland Sensory Bin Play Date.

Take a bag of cotton balls and lay them on a flat surface!! And then you are going to sprinkle it with glitter and spray them with hairspray!!

This will create that glittery and magical effect you will see when the snow falls!!

Once they are dry you can dump them into your sensory bin container and move onto the next part of the fun!!

Sugar Cube Igloos

As a teen, one thing a lot of my friends and I did was to create different sugar cube scenes!! You grab a glue gun and start to create a building!!

Well, we decided for this Winter Wonderland Snow scene to take it a step further and make some sugar cube igloos!! And the results of them are adorable!!

photo credit: Felt Magnet Sugar Cube Igloos

We originally found the idea at Felt Magnet and absolutely love the cuteness!!

So if you are wanting to create your own Sugar Cube Igloos, you can head to their website or check our printable (at the bottom of this post) for instructions!!

The other idea that we absolutely loved for our winter scene was creating your own mini doll ice skating rink!!

My Froggy Stuff, has quite an elaborate ice rink!! So you can totally check out her Doll Ice Skating Rink!!

But if you want a simple idea the other thing that we thought of was to take some scrap cardboard, cut it in the shape of your rink and cover it with tinfoil!!

Once covered with tinfoil you then can paint some parts of it silver where you believe the ice would reflect the light and sprinkle with glitter!! You then could either spray it with modge podge, or take recycled clear plastic packaging and cover your rink!! And voila you are done!!

When we think of a Magical winter scene we also think of paper snowflakes, the movie Elf style!!

So we turned to Pinterest for ideas and found someone who has a whole board dedicated to snowflake designs!! You can check out her board for tons of Snowflake template Ideas!!

But, get this on youtube Olya Rainbow creates Mini paper snowflakes which are absolutely adorable!! You can follow her video to create your own little mini teeny weeny snowflakes!! We’ve also added instructions to our printable that you can check out!!

The last super cute winter fun idea that we found were these mini popsicle stick sleds!!

photo credit goes to Fire flies and Mud Pies!! Please go to her site for more cute craft ideas!!

All you need is paint, regular and mini popsicle sticks, and some hot glue!! Oh and some twine!! They are absolutely adorable and you’ll definitely want to make them for your winter wonderland scene.

After, having a ton of winter fun our bodies need to warm up!!

And so the last inspiration that we thought would be absolutely cute would be to create a Mini DIY Hot Cocoa Stand, and Cocoa Jug, Mini Doll Sugar Cookies and Mini Doll Cinnamon Rolls!!

In our printable we have even created some mini signs, recipe cards, an open and closed sign, and a banner to use with your mini diy hot cocoa stand!!

The possibilities for this winter wonderland scene are absolutely endless!!

Are you totally intrigued??

We sure hope so!!

The materials (we think you will have most of them in your house already) that you will want to grab for this Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date are these:

  • craft foam (white, pink, variety of brown colors)
  • mini and regular popsicle sticks
  • Paint colors for your sled and cocoa stand (just make sure you have brown)
  • Modge Podge
  • Puffy paint in white
  • Glitter
  • Microbeads (those teeny tiny glass beads that are super pretty but you have no clue what to do with them) and pony beads
  • Empty chapstick lids
  • glue gun
  • cotton balls
  • twine
  • scissors
  • mini wooden shapes
  • Recyclable cardboard and clear plastic packaging
  • Sugar cubes
  • Styrofoam balls
  • hair spray
  • Small clear container to serve as your hot cocoa jug
  • small cardboard container to serve as your cocoa stand base
  • Our printable!!

And last but not least; let’s quickly talk about the invite and snack idea for this Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date

Because, a lot of this date is already creating a lot of magic we wanted to do a super simple invite and snack!!

If you wanted to be fun with your invite!! You could laminate it and stick it in an ice cream pail and freeze it.

Then leave their name on it!! They would have to either have to figure out how to melt it out or wait for it to melt on it’s own to get the invite!!

So fun!! What are you going to decide to do with your invite??

And let’s talk food quick!!

Grab some white hot chocolate and white powdered donut holes for this date night snack!

But, the fun doesn’t stop there!! Once you’ve made your white hot chocolate dye it blue with some food coloring, add some whipped cream and blue sprinkles to create a magical winter wonderland drink!!

Have a super fun night of creating a magical winter wonderland!! let us know what new sensory play idea that you would like to see next!!

Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date
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