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Winnie the Pooh Family Date

Looking for a way to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors? Check out this fun Winnie the Pooh Family Date that takes you into the woods!!

Here at Pails of Love we absolutely love to laugh!!  And one way we find that we get our laughs on a daily basis is checking out Pinterest Fails.  You know the saying its only funny until someone gets hurt; then its hilarious??  Well we thought that too until we had our own Pinterest Fail!!  If you want to hear about our total Winnie the Pooh Family Date fiasco and how we redeemed ourselves then just keep reading.  

Okay we know we talked to you about limiting your time on Social Media

in our Post, Stop being Super Mom…

but legit sometimes Pinterest can be the best source of inspiration… or so we thought.  

Until just recently!!

The idea was a simple one.  Make Winnie the Pooh Pizza using pizza dough.   

Now we don’t necessarily know if it was the dough that caused our fail or what it was.

  But when we went to make these cute Winnie the Pooh mini pizza faces we ended up just having huge lopsided pizza shapes that definitely didn’t resemble sweet ol’ Pooh or his face.  

It was definitely a moment we didn’t want to capture and so we asked our fam jam for a re-do for another day.  

So here is how our Winnie the Pooh Family Day actually went…

Rather than making it complicated for you or me to retry these sweet Pooh Bear Pizzas

we decided to go back to the good ol’ days when we were kids.  

We grabbed a picnic basket, filled it with treats, string and balloons and went for an adventure at one of our favourite hiking spots.  

The kids were tickled pink to venture out and loved the idea of having a picnic with a red checkered blanket.   

For lunch we tried to keep it as simple as if a child had packed the lunch.

Pooh’s Hunny Sandwiches, Rabbit’s Garden Carrots, Eeyore’s Apples, Christopher Robin’s chocolate chip cookies and Piglet’s Acorns.

Aren’t Piglet’s Acorns just adorable??

We really can’t get enough of how adorable these little treats are!!

The kids were even more stoked to learn that we had brought balloons for them to blow up and carry on a string as we hiked around.  

Rather than being hikers who walk quickly up and down the trails we like to admire the beauty that comes through being quiet and still in nature.  

Because we love to have these moments and think you will too!!

The games that we think would be the best for your family that we love to play too are:

  • Pooh Sticks!!  Have you heard of this sweet dear game?? If not you can check it out on Youtube!!  It seriously is the cutest game ever!!  

  • Eeyore’s new tail!!  Poor ol’ Eeyore always seems to lose his tail.  At the beginning of our hikes we always ask the children to look for an object they believe would work as a new tail for Eeyore.  The kids are excited to play this game and the creativity they have in finding items is super fun to see!!  We wait until the end of our hike to compare items and then we vote on who has the best new tail!! 
  • Pooh’s Scavenger Hunt!! Christopher Robin and his friends always seem to be on an adventure to solve a problem, find something or learn an invaluable life lesson that we as the viewer gets to learn too.  So we decided to create our own scavenger hunt and provide the children with baskets to keep their treasures in.  

There is something so centering about being in the woods. So if you are totally feeling the pressures of life.

Get outside!!

Better yet do this Winnie the Pooh Family Date!!

We really enjoyed this day of playing outside.

And having a definite re-do of our Pinterest Fail date flop. 

So check out our download below about having your own Winnie the Pooh Family Date and let us know how it went in the comments!!  

Have other Pooh Games that you play??  Or other ideas to share!!  Let us know that too we love hearing from our Pails of Love Tribe!! 

Winnie The Pooh Scavenger Hunt
Miss. Merry Berry

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