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Why You Need To Do It Scared

June 18, 2020 in Motherhood - No Comments

Feeling overwhelmed with life?? Check out why you need to embrace who you are and why you need to do it scared!!

Hey Momma.  I see you over there.  Its time for us to have another chat.  What do you have to drink today??  We are snuggled up under a blanket sipping on tea while we listen to the spring rain patter down on the windows.  The mood of the day seems really fitting for this post.  Because we need to talk about why you need to do it scared.  

Now you are probably wondering what we are exactly talking about.  

Well the truth is we are talking about anything that you aren’t doing that you want to be.  

At Pails of Love we identify with that perfectionist challenge. 

We even claim to be recovering perfectionists.

Because we understand that sometimes we let the fear of not doing it perfectly stop us dead in our tracks.  

Not just stopping us the once.  

But stopping us every day from doing the things that we want to do.  

Scared of family nights because your kids might fight.

Scared that your planning just won’t come across the way it should.  

Yup we totally were too!!  You can check out our Winnie the Pooh Family Date Pinterest fail to see that even we don’t always get it right every time.  

But momma.  Its time we have a little heart to heart.  Because we know what it is like to let fear stop us.

And we also know what it is like to let that fear turn to disappointment.  

And that disappointment to turn into frustration and sadness that somehow we seem to just keep missing the mark.  

For far too long we have let the paradigm of perfection hold us back.  It even held us back from creating Pails of Love for years.  Truthfully, we felt like we wouldn’t measure up to what our readers would need.  

Lets face it being vulnerable is scary.

Letting others see that you have imperfections is scary. 

Knowing that you are imperfect and others can judge you is scary.  

But what we have also come to know is that we have been far more happier when we have chosen to face the world scared.  And somehow when you do it scared once it seems that much easier the second time.  Then the third time is even easier and so on.  

At Pails of Love we want to see you succeed momma.  In all areas of your life.   

Succeed at being a Momma.

At being a wife.

But mainly at being the best you that you want to be!!  

Share with us in the comments below a time that you did it scared and what happened when you did!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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