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Where’s Waldo Parent-Child Date

Looking for a quick parent-child bonding activity that you can do last-minute?? Check out this super cute Where’s Waldo Parent-Child date!!

Do you remember the days before internet as a child where you felt like you had a ton of time on your hands?? And your mom was always telling you to go off and play?? To go entertain yourself??

I remember spending hours laying on my bedroom floor on my stomach looking at Where’s Waldo books.

Sometimes, wondering if the universe had played a terrible trick on me and Waldo wasn’t actually even hiding on that page.

So, when a friend shared that her daughter was on an I Spy Books and Where’s Waldo kick we knew that we had to make this Where’s Waldo Parent Child Date!!

This Where’s Waldo Parent-child date is simple because you can spend a lot of time prepping for it or none at all!!

And!! It can go in two different directions!!

If you are experiencing the cold snap that we are!!

Here’s our home edition of Where’s Waldo

You can grab a “Where’s Waldo?” book from your local library or order one off Amazon!!

They legit are like 5-7 dollars you can’t go wrong at that price!!

And spend the time searching for Where’s Waldo!!


We totally forgot one of the best ideas for this date!! If you head over to the Dollar Tree in their party section see if you can find your own Where’s Waldo black circle glasses and wear them for the date!!

Melissa, over at So Festive, even shares how to make your very own Where’s Waldo, costumes if that’s your jam!!

If you’re finding this Where’s Waldo Parent-Child date on the bright warm sunshiny days of Spring or Summer then you can head outside!!

Where’s Waldo Stamp comes from: Read Between the Lynes

And, make it your very own Where’s Waldo Geocaching Date!!

Have you ever been geocaching before??

My kiddos call it trash canning!! It makes me giggle!!

But if you haven’t done it before it really is quite fun!!

Using GPS coordinates and a clue, you can set off to find a treasure.

The rule is simple if you want to take a treasure you have to leave a treasure!!

I did this first as a teen with a friend, whose family were active geocachers.

This sweet friend had discovered a toy soldier and was fulfilling a dream to move this little soldier around the world.

It had started in England and had made it all the way to British Columbia!!

It is neat to see that the magic that can take place with geocaching!!

One mom, shared that they found a Where’s Waldo toy, from Amazon (which sadly isn’t available anymore), that they took to leave in their first geocache!!

It was amazing to read about and inspired us to make it part of this Where’s Waldo date!!

We hope you have much fun playing Where’s Waldo in a different way in participating in a geocache we know you won’t regret it!!

Maybe… you’ll even find that little Where’s Waldo figurine that’s been hidden somewhere!!

Let’s Talk ABout the Invite

we always like to start and end with a bang!! So for this invite we thought it would be fun to hide it somewhere in plain view in our child’s room.

The reaction when your child will see it is priceless!

Make sure to have your camera ready because we missed our action shot!!

And instantly regretted it!!

Where did you end up hiding it!! Tag us in social media so we can see all the fun places you thought up #PailsofLove

Now let’s get down to the good stuff.

One family who has started participating in our date ideas commented on how they loved the simplicity of the ideas but especially the snacks!!

Because we want this to be a non-stress part of your lives, this food idea is SUPER simple.

Just grab some strawberries, white melting chocolate, and cute light blue sprinkles.

The instructions are simple.

Wash those strawberries, and melt the chocolate according to the package.

One the chocolate is melted. Roll the strawberry in the chocolate and dip the tip in the blue sprinkles!!

And there ya have it!! Enjoy!!

Find Waldo Printable
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