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We Will Remember

Before we know it, we will blink and Halloween will have flown by and we will be on to the next holiday and celebration. A celebration that is not as fun as Halloween but still SO SO SO important and one we need to talk about. Coming up on November 11 will be Remembrance Day here in Canada, and Veteran’s Day in the United States. And I made a promise to someone very special in my life that I would help teach those within the realm of my influence that “We will remember”.

Usually I don’t like to get too gushy over here on Pails of Love because this website is here for you as educators, parents, or special people working with littles to help bring play filled learning into your classroom or home and inspire your children with a sense of wonder.

But today, I think we will get just a little bit personal.

When I was 15 I was introduced to a special man in my life. His name was William Spooner. And I lovingly and with pride call him Grandpa Bill. He was my step dad’s father and had the most tender eyes and infectious laugh and smile.

And every Remembrance Day we had a special ritual as a family. He would take his old wrinkly shaky hands and dress in his military uniform and we would wheel him down as a family to the assembly hall to participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies. It was a time where I could be with my grandpa in helping to support him in remembering his friends and comrades who lost their lives fighting in war for our freedom. It was the only time I saw my grandpa cry or have a solemn reverence about him because he was always so happy go lucky and always joking.

It was he who changed Remembrance Day for me because I finally knew someone who had experienced it first hand. A time where lives were changed forever. Where hearts were broken and never really mended. And a time where men and women both walked around with untold scars and stories etched in their hearts for the terrors that they saw.

And it was then when I learned why it is so important to carry the honor of sharing the promise, “we will remember”

Sadly, my grandpa passed away a few years ago. But always as November approaches I remember him and his stalwart devotion to remembering those who fought the good fight and lost their lives along the way.

So today I ask that you spend time this November 11 to remember those who fought for your freedom. Who have given you an opportunity to live in a free land at the expense of their own freedom.

And since many teachers have shared with me that there is a lack of Remembrance Day classroom decor I would like to share this banner with you that I made to honor my grandpa. Sign up below to receive free access to this Remembrance Day banner “”We Will Remember”

Thanks for helping keep the gratitude and respect alive for those who lost their freedom so we could have ours!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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