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Turkeys in Disguise

November 2, 2020 in Holidays, Thanksgiving - No Comments

Looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity to keep your children busy while you are getting ready for the big day?? Share this sweet activity called Turkeys in Disguise to not only keep your littles busy but also learning at the same time!!

Thanksgiving is less than a month away!! And I can already tell you what food items that my family have been asking for!!


Mashed Potatoes

Candied Yams

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpking squares with cream cheese icing

Lets be honest the list could go on and on. Is there a favorite food that you have at thanksgiving time that you just can’t get enough of??

For me I absolutely love my turkey dinner!!

So it was a delightful surprise when our family came across this song by Hap Palmer called A Turkey Tale.

The lyrics go like this:

A turkey ran way before Thanksgiving Day

Saying, “You would make a meal of me if I would stay.”

And it ran, and it ran, and it ran, and it ran

Through the ice and freezing snow

And it ran, and it ran, and it ran, and it ran

As fast as it could go

Thanksgiving Day at the crack of dawn

The farmer shouted, “The Turkey’s gone!”

He followed its tracks to the barn next door

Where a stack of hay was piled on the floor

Turkey in the straw

Turkey in the hsy

Hiding from the farmer Thanksgiving day

Roll ’em up, twist ’em up, high tuck-a-haw

And sing a little tune called Turkey in the straw

The song goes on but isn’t that song darling??

This song is definitely one you have to check out because the activity that you can do with it is just super awesome!!

Once you have played this song A Turkey Tale by Hap Palmer for your kids!! Give them the following instructions:

Tom Turkey doesn’t want to be eaten by the farmer on Thanksgiving Day. So your little turkey needs a disguise. Finding items around the house dress up your turkey so that he won’t be found by the farmer

or better yet!!

Download our Turkeys in Disguise letter and printable and help your kids get to work In disguising their poor frightened turkey!!

Did you absolutely love this idea?? Share with us in the comments below the fun ideas your family came up with!!

Turkeys in Disguise
Miss. Merry Berry

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