The Top 5 Dating Profile Pics You Absolutely Need

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Wondering why you seem to be attracting the wrong guys on those dating apps??  It could be because of your dating profile pics.  Keep reading to learn which dating profile pics you actually need!!

You open up Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, (really insert your favourite dating app here) and scroll through the photos.)

You see a cute guy so you start to check his pictures out.

Ugh!!  Which guy is he?!  In, every picture he is with his bros…. 


Swipe left!!

You keep swiping

Oh half of his face looks cute… 

Let’s see his other pics.

There’s his boat…

A hiking scene pic…

A pic of his dog…

But what does this dude actually look like?! 

Swipe left!!



Mmmmmm, Nope!!

Oooooh!!  This one is cute, but he has a TON of alcohol in this pic is he a partier??

Is that his ex girlfriend??  She is super pretty… way pretty!!

Oh wow… the girls he hangs out with are way too pretty for me to hang out with him or them….

Swipe left.

Does this scenario sound anything like you??

If you have been in the dating scene for more than a hot minute I am sure you can relate…. 

Profile pictures can either make or break your profile and who is contacting you.  

Guys may have their own issues with their profile pictures, but us girls are no better.

A common complaint of women is “I know that I am absolute marriage material but I only attract the wrong guys what is my problem?!”

Does this sound like you??

Check out Steve Harvey’s Dating profile about why your sexy photos are just too much!!

So lets chat about what you can do to have killer dating profile pics that are attracting the right guys!!

Do you know where to start?? 

Well not to worry because we have your back!!

 Today we are going to share only 5 pics that you need to catch the perfect guy every time!!

The first photo that every dating profile needs it a classic head shot photo of you straight on.

It has been scientifically proven that the average person has a 12 to 15-second attention span (which is legit not very much longer than a goldfish), so your profile needs to stick out.

Don’t make this guy have to guess what you look like or which one is you in the picture!!

Photo Number One: Make It a Head Shot

No guy wants to spend the first few moments of a dating profile trying to figure out who you are.

Heck, I’ll be honest. There have been dating profiles where I have seen two guys together and think one is super hot…

It wasn’t the one with the dating profile but the poor helpless bloke who is stuck in the photo with his mate.

I have often joked that I should message the guys on these profiles and ask if his friend is single.

Do yourself a favor and compete with yourself only. Don’t include friend pics right off the bat because it isn’t going to do you any favors.

With your head shot photo you want to take it from the shoulders kind of up.

But make sure you are rocking the right angle.

Just a quick tip in taking your headshot photo.  According to the dating gurus,  guys respond better to pictures of females who take their selfie photos just above eye level. 

So you know when you hold the phone above you and take the picture cause it gives you the cutest result.

Make sure that you are smiling.  The best thing you can wear is your smile.  And guys have shared that a girl smiling is more attractive than one who is not.  

Make sure that your eyes aren’t hidden behind glasses.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so allow those first few seconds to hook him in.  

Photo Number Two:  Full Body

It is unbelievable the guys that have complained to me about the photos that girls have that lie about what their body really looks like.

Most people lie about something in online dating.
And here’s what you need to know about it. The top three things that people lie about are their age, height and weight.

They have also shared that it can be a definite turn-off when they see that girl in real life and learn that her pictures don’t actually match up to what she looks like face-wise or body-wise.

It can seem pretty intimidating to take a full body pic especially if you are rocking the single mom lifestyle or have yet to embrace those gorgeous curves you have!! 

However, own it!! 

If you sign up for our 7 Day Mini Attract Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now we will share with you how to create selfies that you absolutely love!!  (Our mini & day course will be available for registration starting tomorrow!!)

We promise that you will be able to take pics that you feel confident sharing on your dating profile!!  

Even if you aren’t as comfortable with your body as someone else might be <3

Photo 3: Showcase your lifestyle

Are you a city slicker??  A country bumpkin??  An avid hiker??

This is your time to showcase the fun part of your personality.  It could even be the fun side of how you act when you’ve been stuck at work for overtime. 

Everyone is so so so different and that’s what makes you unique. 

So showcase the part of your life that you want to attract in a potential mate!!

Heck, my lifestyle pic rotates from my cowgirls boots, to hiking in the woods, to renovating my house. 

Embrace your talents, passions and interests of what makes you you.

Volunteer all the time??  Slap it on your profile!!

Up to your arms in craft stuff, embrace it and slap it on your profile.

Play a musical instrument??  Up it goes!!

Oh, you’re a reader awesome!!  Go pose in the bookstore and take a picture!!

Embrace who you are and what makes you, you.

Photo 4 and 5:  Own your weird

No matter how “cool” you think someone is they have their own weird. 

And it’s totally okay to be weird. 

I have a lot of silly pics on my profiles and I have both reactions about it. 

I wear headbands a lot and usually make silly faces. 

If a guy calls me out on my silliness I know that we are not going to be a good match. 

The comments are innocent enough like “oh, you make a lot of silly faces.  Why do you do that??”

If someone isn’t able to embrace fun and light heartedness then I have found it is hard.  

I can’t be serious all the time. 

I believe that life is hard enough that you don’t have to be serious all the time.

The guys that I have hit it off with are the ones that can embrace their own silliness. 

And they will say comments like “I loved your tongue picture (of me trying to touch my tongue to my nose), you are silly I like it.” 

I prefer the goobers who just embrace life and make it a more fun place to be!! 

So embrace your geekiness, neediness, wacky athletic wear, own whatever your “weird” is.

I promise you won’t regret it. 

Just promise me, no bar star pics, bathing suit pics, or super sexy pics… It gives off the wrong impression.  

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