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The Mother-Son rock climbing date your son won’t hate

At a loss for something to do with your little man?? Then how about checking out the Mother-Son Rock Climbing date your son won’t hate!!

Really, I don’t know if it is actually possible for your little man to ever dislike rock climbing!! But, really why not step up your game so you and your little man enjoy the time together even more!!

To start this date off, I think the best way to really start with a bang was to find a quick and fun treat to add with this invite!! After scoping it out, I came to the idea that pop rocks candy is always a definite win!! So print off the invite (that you can find at the bottom of this post) and tape some pop rocks to it!!

Where to go for Rock Climbing

The next thing you will need to do is go to our best friend of all time and google kid friendly rock climbing places near you!! Pick up the phone and give them a call!!

Because you and I know it would really suck to get little man psyched up only to find out that all the places near you are booked!!

If you are at a loss of where to go, you can always check at your university or college!! Sometimes, they have public climbing times open that you can do!! And better yet, if you are alumni of that school you may be able to get a discount!!

Rock Climbing Snacks

Because this mother son date is out of the house the snack idea is going to be minimal prep work and more just slapping the cute printable on the front!!

If our activities require a lot of physical energy and exercise we always try to make sure that our snack is something that will help to replenish our little people!!

So, go grab your little man’s favorite trail mix snack!! We love the Kirkland mix you can grab at Costco!! If you grab a huge bag, you can always fill individual party baggies with the trail mix and pop the Cut Me Some Slack Trail Mix on the front.

To stick with a color theme for this Mother-Son date we did orange, grey and turquoise. For your snack drink, grab either a Powerade or Gatorade drink!! You can get it in either orange or a pretty blue turquoise!!

Spend the time just getting to know your little man being away from the crowd!! It may seem like a pretty simple date because let’s face it!!

It sure is!!

But, the memories that will be built and cherished will make it all worth it!!

It truly will be The Mother-Son Rock Climbing Date your son won’t hate!!

As always please let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of your mother-son date was!! Have you ever gone rock-climbing before?? Would you go again?? Let us know!!

Mother Son Rock Climbing Date

ps. just in case you are new around here keep reading!! we just wanted to explain what exactly you will find in our printable package!! Along with the invite and recipes, you will find in the pack, you will also notice that there is a sheet of “stickers” to cut out and use for scrapbooking or journaling!! You will also find a journal page to write down the fun memories that you have together to add to your journals!!

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