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The Mother-Daughter Date that’s sew much fun!!

Looking for another mother-daughter date?? Check out the mother-daughter date that’s sew much fun!!

Mommy, can we?? has been something that I hear on a daily, if not an hourly basis.

Mommy, can we sew?? Is the question that I get frequently asked.

I have a little one that not only loves clothes and fashion!! But also wants to create her own clothes!!

To do this, she needs one very important and necessary skill!! She needs to learn how to sew.

As a young girl, I learned the amazing skill of sewing from sitting at the feet of my grandmother and mother. A lot of watching, and listening was how I learned.

I absolutely adore that one of my sweet girls wants so badly to learn these skills!!

So to start this mother-daughter date, go to Amazon and grab a cute little beginning sewing kit!! Once you have that sewing kit tape your printable to the top and leave it somewhere fun for her to find!!

If your family is already sewing champs then it might be fun to check out these beginning sewing projects for kids from Amazon!!

The first one is a Unicorn Wonderland , it is geared towards 7-12 year olds.

The next one is a sewing kit that allows your gorgeous girl to sew a felt friend with clothes!! The animals are either a fox or a bunny!!

Looking at these kits, makes me seriously question why I didn’t start sewing with my girls earlier!! The cuteness is amazing!!

So now that you have a cute sewing kit, and the invite done it’s on to planning a fun snack!!

When I imagine sewing I always think of Southern Belles. Those who dress in sweet outfits, and are willing to learn life skills from their mothers and grandmothers!!

With that in mind, our snacks for this Mother-Date that’s sew much fun will be Southern-inspired!!

The first one is the classic, Southern Sweet Tea!! You will find the recipe in our downloadable printable!!

The other snacks we thought would be fun and dainty are finger sandwiches, also known as tea sandwiches!! In case, you are not familiar with these little sandwiches you can check out Simple Seasonal who shares three different sandwiches that are totally kid-inspired!!

This date might seem overly simple and you’re right it truly is!! But there is something magical about cozying up with your daughter and teaching her a skill.

One you know she will appreciate and blossom with!!

So, let us know in the comments below: what did you end up creating?? Is there a sewing kit that you absolutely swear by??

Don’t forget to download our printable and have sew much fun!!

Mother Daughter Sewing Date

ps. just in case you are new around here keep reading!! we just wanted to explain what exactly you will find in our printable package!! Along with the invite and recipes, you will find in the pack, you will also notice that there is a sheet of “stickers” to cut out and use for scrapbooking or journaling!! You will also find a journal page to write down the fun memories that you have together to add to your journals!!

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