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The Best Family Movie Night Idea

November 24, 2020 in At Home, Family Fun - No Comments

Is pizza and family movie night part of your weekend routine?? Looking for a way to make it a little less chaotic?? Then check out the best family movie night idea ever!!

Every Friday night our family does our usual “P” night!!

This includes pyjamas, popcorn and pizza. The best part is that it happens while hunkered down watching a movie!!

After talking to friends and learning that their Friday nights usually included pizza and a movie too, we had to ask the burning question!!

How do you keep the contention between the kids at bay when they don’t get to choose the movie??

And one of our spectacular friends shared this amazing advice!!

Are you ready to make your family time a night to remember??

One friend shared that she makes a planning sheet while her family sits down together to plan their week.

On her planning sheet, she puts the date of their family movie night with the following options: movie, meal and treat.

Rather than having the children fight about the movie that the family is going to watch she lets them each have a week.

During that assigned movie night, the child is given the choice to pick a movie, the meal, and a treat!!

Each family member gets a turn. And the explanation behind the family movie night sheet is this. We all enjoy different things in life. Some of us like funny movies, or girly movies, scary movies, or action movies.

We can learn to embrace each others differences and enjoy what others have to offer when we open our minds and hearts to what they like.

By implementing this easy planning idea, it has helped eliminate the sibling fighting that ensues when a movie is picked!!

This dear friend even went on to say that her daughter discovered her now favorite movie by a sibling’s pick!!

We love it when the time we can spend together as a family can create strong memories!! So download our printable for your own planning sheet!!

And then leave us a note in the comments below and let us know what fun family traditions you have for those special movie nights!!

Family Movie Night Planning Sheet
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