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The 7 Best Apps For Your English Language Learner

July 21, 2021 in Learning Through Play - No Comments

Childhood is the absolute perfect time to help your child learn a second language. Since the best way to really master a language is to have tons of exposure. So on top of taking our course, we encourage you also to find fun apps for your child to play and learn on.

So here are the 7 best apps for your English Language Learner:

  1. Duolingo– Seems to be the most utilized and recognized second language learning app around. The greatest pro about Duolingo is it’s free!! It approaches learning a second language like a game and allows you to earn stars and trophies as you complete lessons. Careful that your child isn’t just guessing to learn the words because they will lose hearts and keep them from being able to progress in the game without spending a ton of money. This app is geared towards older children to adults. I would personally recommend the age to be 4 years old to adult.
  2. Gus On The Go– This app is absolutely one of the cutest English Learning Apps out there. It is definitely one that I use in my classroom and with my children at home in learning a different language. This English Learning opportunity is geared towards children from 2 to 6 years of age. It utilizes native speakers of the English Language to learn the lanugage and the app is interactive and provides just the right amount of challenge for you child.
  3. Memrise– Is an app that reminds me of how I learned the Spanish Language back in high school and university. It provides videos of local speakers to that you get a true life exposure to the language and seems fun and engaging for Elementary School Students. It has a free option and would be well worth the time to pair this app with Duolingo to get both a solid basis of language vocabulary and Duolingo for sentence structure.
  4. Drops– is a company that is associated with Kahoot. A game like app that is popular among teachers in North America. Drops allows you to gain real life exposure to the English language to be able to have simple conversations that you would have on a daily basis. This is a great option for parents to learn English (or another language) alongside your child.
  5. Little Pim– similar to Gus on the Go is geared towards our younger English learners. It focuses more on play based teaching and engagement. It uses videos, pictures, songs and games that are alluring and interactive for little hands. This is an app that I would definitely recommend if you have extra money to put towards learning English for your child. You won’t go wrong.
  6. Fun Easy Learn– is an English Learning App geared towards Elementary students; ages 5 and up. It is an interactive app that teaches new words, how to spell and say them. It definitely is a hnds on and free app and a good way to provide review for your child who is learning English.
  7. Study Cat– is another fun play based English learning app for your child. It was designed and developed to cater to play based learning. This app will not steer you wrong if you want your child to learn English. It is bright and fun and truly embraces teaching the English language through play. Definitely recommend this app and use it in the classroom and encourage students to use it at home as well!!

Before you download The 7 Best Apps for your English Language Learner, please read below:

I believe that each family and child has different learning styles. Where one app might work best for one child might essentially be the right fit for your child. As parent, teacher or caregiver, please review an app or learning resource when online for at least 30 minutes before introducing it to your child.

Please also make sure to

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