Stop Being Super Mom!!

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Hey momma, you look tired. It’s time to put your feet up take a long sip of that cold lemonade and have a chat with me. And let me assure you that it’s okay to stop being Super Mom!!

Better yet, momma I have some wisdom to share with you.

Its okay to fail and not get it right 100 percent of the time.

Its perfectly normal to feel tired.




Wondering how you can be the best mom ever

And feeling like that you just can’t fit anymore on your plate.

Believe me when I say I’ve been there. I felt it too.

Remember, when I told you about the time that I felt overwhelmed as a momma. So I called a friend who told me that the best way to get time was to give time.

Well, I may have some of that momma advice again for you of why you just need to stop.

Stop everything.

Stop comparing.

Stop stressing.

Stop worrying.

Stop feeling guilty.

Just stop!!

It’s time to stop being super mom.

We live in a society where the image of perfection is one that we are pressured to be a part of. But did you know that trying to lead a life of perfection actually leads to mommy burnout?!


In reading about mommy burnout we found out that when moms:

  • add to much to their plate and over schedule
  • go on social media too much ((Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)… honestly what is too much??
  • constantly give of themselves without take a break from their families
  • let friendships go
  • let their connection and friendship with their partner go
  • don’t have outside interests from their family or marriage
  • lack a schedule or routine

that mommy burnout becomes a reality!!

And mommy burnout hurts.

It hurts because you start to resent those you really truly love.

It hurts because you lose yourself and forget your worth.

It hurts because all of a sudden you know you’re not measuring up and coming across as supermom. And that leads to that feeling of failure.

But it’s time as a society for us to stop pretending that life is about perfection and here’s why!!

Kids struggle with burnout just as much as us adults do!!

A lot of research is being done around the time that is being spent away from homes for our children.

The stats are proving that kids are suffering from being overscheduled as much as adults are.

That the mental health of our younger generations are taking a toll because they do not have enough time for free and unstructured play.

When talking to other adults about their own childhoods some of their most treasured and valued moments were those of being outside and playing.

Exploring in the trees

PLaying with friends

Failing over and over again until they accomplished the monkey bars

Learning about bugs, frogs, and all the other creepy crawlies outside.

So why have we robbed this gift of unstructured play opportunities from our children??

So, recently we were challenged as a family to do a social media fast for 10 days.

I wondered as a mother why we should do it.

Because really that’s the way we as moms connect with the world. But in researching and reading about social media we learned some frightening facts!!

Did you know that females are at a greater chance statistically to suffer from depression when they are actively involved on social media.

I know you get this momma.

Because, I know you’ve done what we’ve done.

Gone on instagram or pinterest and try so hard to recreate that perfect image that we see. And somehow our best just isn’t enough in comparison with that perfect picture. (Soon you’ll be able to read about our Winnie the Pooh Picnic Date fail.. cause lets face it we all have them!!)

Yikes!! I know that you don’t want to live that way and neither do I.

Mommy take time for you!!

I know as a child that the thing you wanted more than anything was to be a mom!! When the other kids talked of being a doctor, a teacher, a farmer, an astronaut you dreamed of being a momma.

And so did we!!

But we have learned that when we don’t take time to recharge we get tired.

too tired.

too exhausted.

And that exhaustion leads to lack of motivation.

And motivation leads to break down in the home of




And all our relationships start to suffer.

That’s why we can’t give up friendships with our girl crews or even our most important relationship with our other half our best friend our rock our support our love. Our husbands!!

So we are setting out an opportunity to talk with our Pails of Love Tribe about becoming more intentional about what we are doing in motherhood (or fatherhood) or as part of our family cultures.

The first step is to open the doorways to start a conversation!!

So please leave your thoughts, comments, or advice below about ways we can be more intentional about not being super mom (or dad for that matter) and how we can strengthen our family relationships and take pride in doing so!!

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