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Space Jam Daddy Daughter Date

Is your daughter craving some one on one time?? Why not grab her into your arms plunk down in front of a movie and check out this Space Jam Daddy Daughter Date she will always remember!!

One of the greatest things about dads is their ability to be present in the moment.

Just happy to be there.

Not like us, mommas, who always constantly have a million thoughts running through our minds.

I remember talking to my friend on the phone. And we were talking about special time and connection.

Not sure what I am talking about then check it out here at our Special Time, Is It Really That Special??

But I remember identifying so closely with the words of advice her husband gave her.

When watching a movie with the girls, just be present.

Don’t do dishes.

Don’t respond to texts from friends, church or work.

Just be present.

Grab a blanket.

Snuggle in.

And just watch and enjoy.

While always having the opportunity to be out on the go for dates we thought it was time to balance it out with an opportunity to soak up daddy cuddles and watch a movie together!!

So, if your loved ones are movie lovers than check out this Space Jam Daddy Daughter Date!!

There is something about the 90’s that truly brings a nostalgia of childhood and magic no matter the age.

A movie that the children around here can’t get enough of is Space Jam.

I Believe I Can Fly seems to be belted at the top of some little person’s lungs here on a daily basis.

The music in this movie soundtrack is absolutely amazing!!

So of course to start this date off, we created a basketball printable quoting a part of one of the famous songs from Space Jam.

Come on and slam and welcome to the jam.

To surprise your sweet little one with this invitation and a cute basketball chicken and cheese quesadilla!!

To make your basketball quesadilla, you can check out the Dollar Tree’s website for their yummy quesadilla recipe.

Now, that the invite is underway the next step of this Space Jam Daddy-Daughter date is to talk about the fun treats that accompany this fun movie night.

The first idea that we instantly fell in love with was featured from fun365.

They took white paper cups and using sharpie made criss-cross lines to make a basketball net. All that you need now is a backboard.

And guess what!! You can find that backboard in our printable (pssst. It’s at the bottom of this post)

Once you print it out you will want to cut two slits. One on each side of the rectangle. Then slide it onto your white paper cup!!

And then last but not least fill your cup with little orange cheese puffs!! We promise that this is a snack you can’t go wrong with!!

When we did this date at our house, we first wrapped our water bottles in the referee black and white stripes… which is totally fine!!

But then a new idea came!!

Why not take and play off Michael’s Secret Stuff and create your own water bottle signs!! Tape your signs to either a special water bottle from home!! Or head over to the local dollar store and pick one out just for your special Space Jam Daddy daughter date!!

The last recipe idea that we thought was one we had to try was Sheet Pan Chili Cheese nachos. Nothing says watching a sport like having some yummy sports-themed food to go with it!! In our printable, you will find the recipe for this yummy appetizer/ meal that was originally found on: The Food Cafe

If you’re not digging those Sheet Pan Nachos (that we are sure you’ll love) you can check out this Simple Layered Basketball Tree that is also featured on the Dollar Tree’s blog. (Who knew that the Dollar Tree was so multi-talented in all that they offer!!)

Lessons learned

One thing that we have absolutely loved in implementing this date at our house was the conversations that stemmed from it. Space Jam shares a strong message bout finding your talents. In trying something new even if it means you might fail. And that our talents can not only benefit our family but our friends as well!!

We miss the good ol’ days where movies taught invaluable life lessons!!

However, before diving into this movie we all know that families have different standards when it comes to movies. So please check out Common Sense Media for a breakdown of the movie if you are ever unsure!! We have found that this has allowed us as a family to err on the side of caution and know what a movie is like before watching it!!

We hope your daddy daughter Space Jam date encourages both your husband and precious girl to believe that they can fly to accomplish their wildest dreams!!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of the Space Jam movie is!! Or can you pick just one?!

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