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Sloth Mommy-Daughter Date

I have a child who is as slow as slow can be!! She’s so slow that we even lovingly have nicknamed her sloth.

So you can only imagine how excited she was when sloths became one of the coolest trends for tweens!!

I don’t know what makes them so cute?? Maybe it’s the fact that they are so cuddly, or adorable, or how lazy and slow they are!!

Sloths truly have been taking the world by storm. So if you have a tween that is slow, or in love with sloths this Sloth Mommy-Daughter Date is definitely an activity you’ll want to do!!

Sloth Date Activity

One thing we know about tween girls is the fact that they love crafts. That’s why we decided that making sloth sleep masks and learning some cool facts about these adorable creatures would be the perfect one on one activity.

This is the type of special time activity that can be done really wherever you want to do it.

If your house is littered with children like ours is, you may want to head over to the local library and use a private table or room there…

or you can head on over to our family dates section and check out some fun ideas for the rest of your crew to do to keep them distracted and busy!!

Materials Needed

In case you are wanting to take this date on the road; some of the materials that you will need to have or prep ahead of time for this mommy-daughter date are:

Sloths are some of the coolest creatures!! We love learning new facts about animals in our family and sloths did not fail to impress us. We thought it would be fun to share interesting facts with each other during your sloth mommy-daughter date so we created a 10 question quiz.

My daughter was so stoked about the facts she shared the quiz with her grandparents. They had a fun time guessing the answers to the questions. Grandma even admitted to learning something new about sloths that she never knew before!! How many did you know before this date?? Let us know in the comments below!!

If you are interested in learning more about sloths you can head over to National Geographic Kids!!

Sloth Date Instructions

Since sloths sleep so much we thought it would be fun to create a sleep mask in their honor.

Attached at the bottom of this post is a downloadable printable that contains a sleep mask pattern to use.

To make things super simple you will find the instructions of how to create and assemble your mask in the following steps below and in the printable.

  1. Cut out all pieces of the pattern. Make sure to cut out the entire sleep mask outline and cut the fabric before cutting the top part out of the paper pattern.
  2. Once all your paper pattern pieces are cut out. Pin them to the fabric following the colors labeled on each piece.
  3. Follow the outline and cut out all pieces of fabric
  4. Take the paper sleep mask pattern and cut out the top piece. Pin it to the fabric and then cut it out.
  5. Measure out a piece of sewing elastic that will go around the back of your child’s head.
  6. Hot glue the base sleep mask pieces together with the elastic connected on each side.
  7. Glue the forehead, eyes, nose, and light highlights onto the mask.
  8. Go to sleep and enjoy your mask!!

For this mommy-daughter date, we planned about an hour and a half. This allowed us to really spend the time needed to craft and chat at the same time as we created our masks.

It turned out to be a really fun day to be alone with my sloth girl. She was tickled pink not only to have some one-on-one time but also to make a sleep mask!! We hope that this activity will provide a much-needed connection for you and your daughter too!!

Enjoy crafting and slothing around!

Sloth Mother Daughter Printable

In this printable you will find a Sloth Invite, 10 question quiz with answer key and a sloth mask pattern to make your own!!  Happy Crafting!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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