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Sledding Father-Son Activity

If you want to see pure joy come across the faces of your loved ones watch a daddy with his littles. With a ton of snow and finally warmer weather, we have loved going sledding.

What I have loved the most is watching Mr. hottie and his happiness as he plays with the children. These are precious moments I will always cherish. I am also kicking myself for forgetting my phone because I would love to have these moments in time captured.

The best part about sledding are the funny stories that we can tell is even better than sledding itself!!

Like the time the littlest fell out of the sled and toppled on her face!!

Or when we went sledding down the school hill crashing into the chain-link fence at the bottom every time. And the kids’ whoops and hollers of success and delight each time in doing so.

But, I also love sledding for the fact that it allows those who have a shyer more timid personality to face fears in a controlled and safe environment.

So if there is snow around your house then head on over to the local sledding hills for a day of fun in the snow with this perfect Father-Son sledding activity!!

Or heck, make it a family day of fun!!

Father-Son Sledding Day

Sledding is the best because you can have a ton of fun on a limited budget. At our local school, the kids get to go sledding at recess. What this means is that they have some wicked jumps and bumps they have created.

It has proven to be a learning opportunity because sometimes at the end of a run we had ended up flat on our faces. That is until the kids figure out how to. make it better and better.

So we thought that we would incorporate 3 challenges into this snow day!!

One of the challenges is to build a snowman to fit on your sled and then race the snowmen down the hill at the same time. See whose snowman lasts the longest on the sled and whose might topple over.

Another challenge is to make your own obstacle course with snow pylons, jumps and bumps. Time each other and see who can get through the fastest,

The last challenge is to build snow bowling pins at the bottom of the sled hills. Once your pins are built race each other down the hill to see who can knock over the most pins and go the farthest at the bottom of the hill!

Sledding Tips

We have learned a few tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. We want to share them with you!!

  • packed down snow will make you go faster down the hill then a hill that has freshly fallen snow
  • if you don’t have a sled you can use a garbage can lid or even a garbage bag
  • Snow ramps and bumps will give you more speed as you fly down the hill
  • the sleds that we love and recommend are: the jet sled, the plastic disc, and the wooden toboggan!!

Do you have a sled that you absolutely love to use?? Or do you have a favorite sledding activity you think we should include?? Please let us know in the comments below we would love to hear from you!!

Sledding Father Son Activity
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