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Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

Right now in the education world, there is a huge push with some educators that memorization does not serve students. While I agree that play is a necessary fact of learning in the classroom I also believe that memorization in some things is also necessary. So let’s take our sight word learning up a notch and play some sight word tic tac toe!!

I originally learned this idea from Teacher Tipster. You’ll hear me talk about him a lot because he changed my teaching game when dealing with one of the most difficult behavior classes that I’ve taught in. Unfortunately, Teacher Tipster has disappeared from the internet world so you will have to glean lessons from me that he once shared.

However, with sight words, they can get super repetitive and boring without some fun being added to their learning when trying to remember them.

So bring in this game of Sight Word Tic Tac Toe.

The rules are simple.
Grab a game board and a partner.

The next step is easy.

Choose a spot to make your mark and complete the task.

The task could be something like write your sight word in bubble letters or write your word rainbow style.

Adding an element of fun and a time limit can really get students motivated for learning.

So download this free sight word Tic Tac Toe that will up your sight word learning in the classroom.

Miss. Merry Berry

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