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Shhh… The Baby’s Sleeping Classroom Management Tip

Whether you are teaching in the classroom or homeschooling some days can be really hard to get your students to focus. Rather than having a battle of the wills use this awesome strategy called Shhh… The Baby’s Sleeping Classroom Management Tip.

As I have mentioned before when I first started teaching I absolutely loved gleaning information and teaching tips from Teacher Tipster. Unfortunately, his online presence disappeared a couple of years ago, which is a sad loss to the online teaching community.

However, I am trying to share those teaching management tips I used and found were super successful in the rough and tumble classrooms that I have taught in!!

This classroom management tip is really fun!!

All you need to do is grab a baby doll and a baby blanket!!

When your class is starting to get unruly all you have to do is say shhh…. the baby’s sleeping!! The class then needs to stay quiet so that the baby can sleep!!

At first, your students will giggle and act like you’re silly or crazy.

But keep up with the game.

The students will buy into the game and have fun reminding each other that shhhh.. the baby is sleeping!!

You can get access to 8 different posters that say shhhh… the baby is sleeping!! Sign up below!!

Do you love this teacher tipster trick?? Check out another one of his amazing tips!!

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