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Relationship Connection Kids Coupons

Looking for a quick way to reconnect and build a great connection with your child, then look no further!! Read and download our Relationship Connection Kids Coupons printable below for fun last-minute ideas to create a closer bond and connection!!

Okay, before we get started in talking about the relationship connection coupons we just wanted to celebrate with you that we have hit our 100th post!!

We couldn’t have done this without our Pails of Love Tribe!! We are so excited about the positive feedback that we are getting surrounding our date night ideas!!

As usual, we absolutely love love love to hear from our tribe!!

So, if you have an idea or want a date created specifically for you or your fam jam… just let us know in the comments below!!

We love the new ideas and the fun spin on things that all ya’ll have so keep sending them our way!!

The story behind our Relationship Connection Kids Coupons

One fam jam that is part of our Pails of Love crew shared with us that they are on a spending freeze as a family!!

Such an amazing idea and goal!!

But also tricky!! What do you do when you are trying not to spend money??

Well obviously, create fun coupons to bless your kids with!!

And why not use them to gift your kids this Valentine’s Day since it is just around the corner!!

In thinking about these coupons the idea behind it is this…

You pick and choose which coupons you want each kid to have.

In the printable, you will find a coupon title page for your kids and last minute strong relationship connection activities.

These activities range from:

  • going to get a slurpee or fast food treat
  • have a dance party
  • bike riding and scooter
  • making cookies
  • go for a walk together
  • play at the park
  • make bitmoji characters
  • have hot chocolate together
  • go for a drive and get donuts

The trick is to gift these coupons to your kids for a special occasion. Then they can trade them in for when they are needing a quick bond builder and connection!!

We have created two versions one is more girly with flowers, and unicorns, and mermaids. The other has sharks, robots, animals and sports.

Girly Relationship Bonding Coupons
Relationship Bonding Coupons
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