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Reindeer Webcam

October 22, 2020 in Christmas, Holidays - No Comments

Looking for another way to create some simple Christmas magic in your home?? Check out this resource called Reindeer Cam that lets you zoom into Santa’s Reindeer Webcam to read with Santa, watch his elves and spend some needed quality time on Santa’s farm!!

Okay!! I am starting to think that maybe just maybe I might have a slight obsession with Christmas and trying to create the Christmas magic for those little people in my life and yours!!

If you don’t know what I mean then you’ll definitely want to check out my personalized videos to Santa resource and letters to Santa.

But just you wait because this is definitely not all!! I also have one more post to share with you about Calling Santa.

I may know a dad who has used this to scare his kids into listening. Insert a laugh behind your hand emoji here!!

Because lets face it we have all been there!!

But that’s a post for another day!! Today we are talking about this super cool Reindeer cam that you can watch Santa’s reindeer!!

At certain times you can even watch Santa feed the reindeer!!

Just like any other app there is a free option and a paid supporter option. While the free option allows you to check in on the reindeer.

The paid option allows you to listen to Santa read stories, make Candy Canes with him, do crafts with his elves or even meet some of the other animals that hang out at the North Pole.

If you are totally into creating the magic of Christmas with a country farm twist then we definitely think you’ll want to check out the Reindeer Cam!!

One of our absolutely favorite options of the Reindeer cam is listening to the stories that Santa reads. We may have a crazy amount of Christmas books and stories hidden all over our house at Christmas.

But it is always so much fun to gather together in our jammies on the couch as we stream Santa onto the TV to listen to bedtime stories.

As adults, we find it hard to be still and just turn off. And so it is so important that we be intentional about doing it. This is one time that we think you as momma or pops can allow yourself to shut off from the world around you and just be present.

These will be the times that you remember and love. We promise you!!

We hope that the Reindeer Cam brings as much joy and Christmas presence to your family as it does to ours!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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