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Puppy Park Date Your Son Will Want to Go on again and again!!

Out of ideas or forgot that it was Little Johnny’s turn for a mommy son day?? Check out this last minute puppy park date your son will want to go on again and again!!

Life gets busy… maybe even a little chaotic at times and we totally get it!!

But, rather than putting off that mommy son special time just grab your dog, a leash and some car keys!! And head out the door… It seems like we may be forgetting something…

Oh!! And don’t forget little Johnny!!

So without further ado… cause whose got time anyways lets break down this little minute date!!

This Puppy park date your son will want to go on, again and again, was totally inspired by my three year old nephew whom I adore!!

And so I dedicate this post to him and all my other big and little buddies who are dog lovers at heart!!

It all began like this.

A brown eyed boy looked up at me and asked in the cutest little voice, “What did you do today??”

The answer for me was simple… nothing but you definitely can’t tell a three year old so I came up with second best answer,

“Well I took pup out for a run at the dog park!!”

And then the million dollar question was asked,


“Well cause… pup is crazy and I needed to run his energy out”

“His energy out. Can I come run his energy out?”

“Of course baby!! The next time I go I’ll take you along…”

And for the rest of the day he asked me over and over and over and over and…

Well I’m sure you get the hint he was SO excited.

It seemed like such a simple thing for me. You walk out your door. Jump in your car. Don’t forget the dog and drive to the nearest dog park. You open the door. And let your dog run around like a crazy person.

Because heaven knows dogs have as much energy as kids!!

After having this conversation I came home and got right to work planning the perfect puppy park date your son will want to go on again and again!! (In my case, nephew…) And although it was simple and easy enough to plan…

The puppy park date still provided that wow factor that we expect our dates to provide and have!!

I still can’t get the look out of my mind the pure joy and magic that my little man felt when he got to come to the puppy park with aunty alone!! It was amazing. The magic and sparkle in his eyes. It just made it totally worth it.

That’s it that’s all you gotta do for this last minute date. It is so simple its almost laughable.

But that precious 30 minutes made all the difference in the world for mr. man!!

He asked if we could do it again another day.

There is magic in taking the dog in the car with you

There is magic in chasing your dog around and around.

And it definitely pulls at your heart strings to watch that little person in your life stomp through the snow, grass or leaves and love every minute of it.

We began to collect sticks and see who could throw them the farthest. And then we tried to throw them for pup but he didn’t want them.
We talked about little man’s life and all his 3 year old worries and concerns.

And then we jumped back in the car and drove to the local Dairy Queen for ice cream cones and pup cone for my little furry man!!

Now this is the fun part of the date that I have been dying to talk to you about.

Did you know there are special restaurants that give out free dog treats when you go through the drive-thru??

One that we have used more than once is Dairy Queen!!

The first time we discovered it in the summer after going hiking for the day and needing a cool treat after being hot and sweaty.

Mr furry man sat in the passenger’s seat drooling everywhere and the girl asked if I wanted a pup cone.

You mean for free I remember I asked.

Yup for free!! So if you have a local DQ there you can head there!!

We know that isn’t the only fast food chain/ restaraunt that offers fun treats for dogs.

In looking further into it we learned from American Kennel Club and other dog families that restaraunts like:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Tim Hortons
  • Starbucks
  • Shake Shack
  • Sprinkles
  • Culver’s
  • In-N-Out
  • Lazy Dog Restaraunt and Bar
  • Johnny Rocket

also have super fun treats for your furry pal!!

Do you know of other places that have fun puppy surprises and treats?? Let us know in the comments below!! Also, we would love to hear tips and tricks you have when you head to the dog park. You know what to do!! We can’t wait to hear from you!!

Puppy Park Date

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