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Progressive Dinner Car Date for kids, tweens, and teens

Looking for another parent child date idea in the car??  Well, we’ve got you covered.  Keep reading below to know how to create your own progressive dinner car date with kids, tweens or teens!!

One family that completed our Car Tunes Date with raving reviews came up with this idea…

it would be fun to do a car series for tweens and teens that spanned the whole year!!

And we jumped on that fun idea train!! 

We came up with this super fun and sweet Progressive Dinner Car Date became part of our car series

Yesterday, I visited my grandma!!  And she absolutely loves frosts from Wendy’s!!  They are her absolute favourite thing in the world.  So I decided to stop and grab her one.  And also grab her lunch!!

She is always cooking for me, taking care of me, and just treating me like an absolute princess that I thought she deserved it!!

Well when we were eating lunch together, we started talking about the different places that we liked to go for fast food.  She loved A&W.  And I told her I liked Dairy Queen.  

And it got me thinking….

What if I created a dinner date where you could pick and choose the foods that you had for dinner from all your favourite places.  McDonalds

A super fun drink from Sonic

A burger from A&W or Dairy Queen

Fries from  McDonalds

A frosty from Wendy’s

And that is how our progressive dinner date idea came to be.

Well, lets be honest.  It’s been done before but that’s how I remembered how much fun it would be to do.  

So the instructions for this Progressive Dinner Car Date for kids, tweens, and teens are simple.  

What you’ll need to do is print off the cards for this printable.

For each part of the meal: drink, appetizer, meal and dessert each person will pick a favourite place for each.

Together, you will then agree on a third place to put on each card.

Using Wheel of Names input your choices and then spin the wheel.  The wheel will decide where you will go for the next part of the date.

And then you can either complete the food challenge tasks or fun connection challenge cards.  Or heck!!  You can even complete both sets.

The food challenges are simple:

  1. Appetizer- Order something you’ve never tried before
  2. Drink- Ask the person taking your order to pick your drink
  3. Meal- Order your favourite meal for the other person to eat
  4. Pick your favourite dessert but you can only eat it with your hands- no utensils!!

The game challenges are fun for each stop:

  1. Appetizer- Try to make the other person laugh the quickest
  2. Drink- Play your favourite phone game and see who wins
  3. Meal- Play your favourite card game in the car
  4. Dessert- Find the prettiest spot in town and go for a walk or sit in the car and talk

Although this date is super simple.  It is a lot of fun and will bring a ton of fun memories for the child who gets to do it!!  Sometimes, it is just fun to get out of the house and be somewhere other than home!!  Kids, tweens and teens all love  that special one on one time because they absolutely crave it!!

If you are planning this Progressive Dinner Car Date a little ways out, one thing you can do is tape the invite to the bottom of their dinner plate or hide it somewhere fun!!

We were thinking of laminating ours and playing a trick and making it into a sandwich that they will find for lunch one day…

We like to play sneaky!!

So let us know in the comments below what was your favourite stop?? And did you come up with a fun way to invite your child, tween, or teen on this fun dinner date??

Car Series #2: Progressive Dinner Car Date
Miss. Merry Berry

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