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Power Towers

Teacher Tipster has to be one of the most fun teachers around. I really wish that his website was up and running because his ideas were fabulous. Rote memorization as I’ve talked about before is important in the classroom. Check out our post, Sight Word Tic Tac Toe, for another fun Teacher Tipster Hack. You can use this amazing and super fun power towers game for math facts or sight work practice.

All you need for power towers is an empty Pringles (chip) can, small dixie cups, and a sharpie!!

What you are going to do is write your sight words or math facts on the bottom of the dixie cups. The empty pringles can is where you will store them when you aren’t playing them.

Now the rules of the game are simple.
1. Mix up the stack of dixie cups.
2. Allow a player to grab the top cup in the stack. The student will need to solve the math fact.
If you are using sight words the student will read and then spell out the sight word without looking at the cup.
3. If the student gets it right they place the cup down to start building a tower.
4. Players take turns solving the math facts or sight words on the bottom of the cups.
5. Each time a player gets their fact right they add on to the cup tower.
6. Students can play until the tower falls over and start over again.
7. If students can build their tower up to the top without it falling over they win the game!!

Is this a game you are going to play in your classroom?? Check out these cute Power Tower printables that you can decorate your empty pringles can with!! Just sign up below!!

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