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Pokemon Father-Son Activity

February 27 is National Pokemon Day.

If you ask my middle daughter what she wants to be when she grows up she would say a Pokemon Trainer. Her reasoning is that Pokemon are just so cute!!

If you have a pokemon fan at your house then this is definitely a date you’ll want to plan. While we have this special one on one time suggested for fathers and sons; this date can truly work with any Pokemon lover.

You probably know about Pokemon Go. It was all the fad about 4 years ago.

However, we hear that this game is still as popular as ever!!

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go it is a free gaming app that allows the player a gamin experience through the real world. Pokemon Go uses maps and location technology to create a playing experience that allows players to catch pokemon in locations they are currently located in.

Once you download the game you wander around your neighborhood to find and trap Pokemon. You catch the pokemon by dragging your finger across the screen to shoot the Pokeball at the animal.

If you want a super quick tutorial and to see what the game looks like you can check out this youtube video!!

Pokemon Go Safety

Now there have been some safety concerns that surround this game. Pokemon Go Creators recommend staying out of places that you feel are unsafe. Places like construction zones or stopping in the middle of the road would be prime examples. They also encourage you to be aware of your surroundings as you play the app.

Pokemon Go Review

Wanting to always do what’s best for our Pails of Love Tribe we took to Common Sense Media for some extra advice.

One parent said, “

Recommended for a family experience

“There are so many positive benefits to this game that I believe they outweigh the issues noted by others. That said, I’m not sending my kids out to play by themselves – we’re doing it together, walking the neighborhood and taking turns to “catch ’em all” and enjoying ourselves. I’ve found the kids have no trouble figuring out what to do every step of the way with the interface, and there’s always online help at the click of Google” -Common Sense Media Reviewer. You can find more reviews at Common Sense Media

We really encourage that as you go out to play Pokemon Go that you do take the time to do it together and take turns!! Please teach your children about safety and having fun!! And enjoy the time together!!

Sometimes as parents I find it is hard to always get ourselves interested in all that our children love. But don’t worry because at Pails of Love we’ve got you covered!! In our download you’ll find your invite. But then you’ll also find pokeballs. Use these pokeballs to ask your pokemon lover to get to know what they think with questions you never thought to ask!!

You can ever have your own pokemon name for the day!! Check out our download to discover what yours is!!

Let us know how Pokemon Go went for you!! Do you have any tips, ideas or other pokemon games that you just love to play?? Let us know in the comments below!!

Gotta Catch Em All, Pokemon!!

Pokemon Go Invite
Pokemon Go name and questions
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