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Play-Based Learning Explained in 100 words or less

July 21, 2021 in Learning Through Play - No Comments

Play-Based learning has got to be one of my absolute favorite things to talk about.

During my 13 years of being in the classroom, I have seen awe-inspiring results and miracles take place. I have had students from other non-English speaking countries learn English at a rapid pace. I have also witnessed, struggling learners grasp a learning concept they have struggled with for years all through changing how they are being taught.

So if you are ready to see results through learning fun, here is Play-based learning explained in 100 words or less.

Play-based learning explained in 100 words or less.

Play-based learning is a teaching and psychology philosophy that focuses on using guided play and free play to teach specific learning concepts in the classroom or at home. Activities can range from a learning game, craft, to a play activity.

Play-based learning creates an environment that allows a child or student to be challenged just above their current ability. Using a play-based teaching strategy the brain can learn a new concept in 10 to 20 interactions. Whereas, with rote memorization (memorizing a fact like 2+2=4 over and over), it takes the brain 200 times to remember or learn the concept.

And there you have it in 101 words what play-based learning is and why it is important.

Stay posted tomorrow we will be sharing the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Play-Based Learning Environment in your home or classroom.

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