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Personalized Videos from Santa

October 23, 2020 in Christmas, Holidays - No Comments

It’s that time of year again!! Needing a quick and fun way to bring some Christmas magic into your home?? Check out these personalized videos from Santa!!

Last Christmas, a momma friend approached me.

How do you do it?? she asked.

Do what?? I inquired. I was slightly confused.

She looked off in the direction of where the children were playing and nodded to my one daughter who was talking excitedly about her visit of Milk and cookies with Santa to my friend’s two daughters.

My oldest at the time was 7. Her friend a couple of months younger than her looked at her semi-interested but kept shaking her head in disbelief

The question then posed was, How do you make it so she still believes in Santa??

I was a little taken aback. You mean your seven year old doesn’t?? I asked back.

“No, she came to me recently saying that the kids on the playground at school were telling her that Santa wasn’t real so she asked me if it was true.”

I looked at my shoes and scuffed my foot in the snow before slowly looking back at my friend. “And what did you say”?? My mind was racing. I couldn’t believe that kids at the age of seven were already losing a little bit of the wonder of Christmas joy and magic.

Not believing in Santa I was struggling to fathom it.

I couldn’t remember my friend’s response because to be honest I was so shocked by the whole conversation.

But really should I have been??

Just that past summer my six year old niece told the children that Santa wasn’t real and that it was the Mommies and Daddies who put Santa presents under the tree.

And, I guess as a family we had already had that conversation with my own kids about what they thought and felt. And why they continued to believe.

So, of course my response back to hers was simple because in cases like this is needs to be.

Teach her about magic. And believing in something that you can’t necessarily always see or explain.

So, I showed her the PNP Santa Videos because sometimes for kids who are struggling to still believe need to see something tangible and understand that they matter and are not forgotten.

How many times have you heard children losing their sense of wonder because they just felt forgotten??

If this is the case you really need to check out PNP!!

The Portable North Pole has got to be one of the coolest websites/apps out there. (total disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this review at all. All opinions are my own and just a surefire way we have found Christmas magic in our home)

It is an entire site that helps to create the magic of Christmas with Santa.

You can create personalized videos with Santa that will pop up in your email for your children to see and watch.

Each year there are more and more videos, activities, and things to check out!! This year even Mrs. Claus is making an appearance!!

So rather than us going on and on about how amazing this website is!! Head on over to PNP to create some Christmas magic for those you love!!

Enjoy creating Christmas magic and let us know in the comments below what you love about the Portable North Pole!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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