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Looking for a cute little way to spice up your marriage and have a secret code with your significant other?? Then create your own penny love jar!!

A couple of years ago I stumbled across The Dating Divas website and it is absolutely amazing!! Free date ideas for you and your hubby… everything you could think of and more!! You’ll definitely want to check out!!

One idea that I truly couldn’t get out of my head was their Penny Love Jar!!

The idea is simple. Every time you intimately connect in the bedroom you add a penny to your love jar.

As you get enough pennies you can use it as a way to save up money for a special date night.

Or, you could use the money to save up over years for a special weekend getaway!! The options are limitless!!

Now that just seems like a cute simple idea but the one thing that truly made this Penny Love Jar so special for me was the secret code that it could create!!

There were many times that I love being able to joke about a penny and have no one but my SO understand.

It made it a fun way to connect during the day and lead him to be excited to come home that night.

It got to the point in our relationship where we would send penny hints back and forth. Mostly, when Mr. was at work.

There is something so simple and magical about connecting in this way of being able to just have special secrets that can uplift you and your love.

If you’re ready to create your own penny jar all you will need is our printable, glue, cute ribbons and a lid that you can cut a slit in to drop your money into the jar.

This is definitely a little gift would make for a good bridal shower gift!! Or if you need a little way to spice up your marriage you’ll definitely want a Penny Love Jar!!

Penny Love Jar
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