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Hurry Hurry Drive The Fire Truck

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is gleaning learning and teaching tips from other Early Learning Teachers. This song is one that I learned from a preschool dance teacher that she would do with her dancers. The…

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Alphabet Formation Poems

There are so many skills that happen during the formative years in establishing foundational learning skills for students. Learning to write is one skill that all students will need. And sometimes the learning and teaching process of it can feel…

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Classroom Schedule Task Cards

One of the greatest gifts that I have come to see that children and students appreciate the most and thrive with are boundaries and routines. Especially working with younger ages and grades, these students thrive on knowing what’s coming next….

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Fishy Alphabet Match

I have to tell you the coolest fact about puzzles!! Did you know the reason that puzzles are such an awesome thing to have in your classroom? Puzzles are amazing because they teach students problem-solving, spatial reasoning skills, decoding, and…

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Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

Right now in the education world, there is a huge push with some educators that memorization does not serve students. While I agree that play is a necessary fact of learning in the classroom I also believe that memorization in…

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About Me

Miss. Merry Berry

Hey There!! My name is Miss. Merry Berry I'm an Elementary Teacher focused on teaching english through play based learning (Preschool to Grade 3) I love creating fun play based content to teach your child english through a variety of games, songs, and stories. My goal is to make learning engaging for your child and help them learn English in a positive and impactful way. You can find many useful courses, play based activities, and learning games here and on my TPT store. Want to stay informed and up to date?? Follow along on instagram!! Welcome!! Read More

Miss. Merry Berry

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