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National Mario Day Father-Son Activity

If someone were to ask you: what song do you remember from your childhood, what would you say??

For me, hands down the tunes that quickly come to mind are the music of the beginning levels of Super Mario or the sped-up version that you only hear when you have a minute left to beat the level.

If you know what I am talking about you know the childhood nostalgia that comes from the great duo of Mario and Luigi.

National Mario Day Father-Son Activity

When we learned that March 10 was National Mario Day we just knew that we had to create a Father-Son Activity around it. So grab out those controllers, blow the dust off your console and get ready to put your feet up to celebrate National Mario Day!!

To celebrate National Mario Day, we thought it would be best to set some time aside to play Super Mario or one of the Mario Classics you remember from your childhood!!

National Mario Day Father-Son Snacks

When I played Mario with my brother we loved to raid the pantry for some treats!! And as the saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!! And, we are sure your big man and little man are no different.

So, after some searching, we found that the best foods to really start your National Mario Day are:

  • chocolate coins for gold coins
  • peach rings for Princess Peach
  • whoppers for those cute tiny bombs
  • blue jello with whipped cream for the blue cloudy sky
  • white frosted donut holes for iceballs
  • cheese puffs for fireballs
  • jelly beans and or yogurt covered raisins for Yoshi’s eggs

DIY Mario Garland

Now, we know that your day just wouldn’t be complete without some type of brightly colored decoration. And so, we came up with our own DIY Mario Garland.

The best way to make your garland is to use twine and cardstock. To make your garland long enough we printed off 4 sets.

Once we printed and cut out our shapes we taped the twine to the back of them and hung them above our tv as a way to bring some fun and brightness into the room!!

If you want to reuse your garland we would suggest laminating it and then hole punching so that it is more sturdy. If you don’t have a laminator already, check this one out!! It’s our favorite and it definitely won’t break the bank!!

National Mario Day Invites

Now you might be a little bit confused. Because you see… we actually had two invites made for this day!! And both were just so cute we couldn’t decide which was better. So you get to pick your favorite one!!

For this activity, we chose to just leave it open-ended. No challenges or specifics…

just a day to jump in with your little man and enjoy stomping on Koopa and dodging those fireballs!!

Now that you have your treats with the cutest food labels, two invites to choose from, and the day planned out we hope you kick back and enjoy the nostalgia that comes from playing Mario!!

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