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Mystery Guest Classroom Strategy

During my first few years of teaching in the classroom, I would teach my students this trick because it is a total gem!! Again this is another one of those amazing tips that come from the Teacher Tipster but it has saved my bacon a whole lot. So, let’s chat about the Mystery Guest Classroom Strategy.

Being a teacher means that adults are always coming in and out of your classroom and usually when you least expect it. So, it can be super embarrassing as a teacher to have your students fooling around when your back is turned. And this is where the Mystery Guest Classroom Strategy comes in.

The trick is to start prepping your students from the beginning of the year. You tell them that you have eyes in the back of your head and that you have superpowers because you are a teacher.

You then tell them that you’ll be watching them to see who is being exceptionally well behaved, on task, and doing their work when guests come into the classroom. A student who is doing what is expected of them will become the Mystery Guest winner and get to pick a surprise from your treasure bin.

Things that I loved to keep in my treasure bin were Beanie Boos, Pokemon Cards, Hot Wheels, nail polish, lip gloss, fun key chains, etc. Normally I would try to listen and view what the students would talk about or bring in and keep those things stocked in my treasure chest!!

Being a teacher is an awesome job and I loved being able to reward my students when they were trying their best.

In order to make it fair, I would keep a Mystery Guest Winner List tucked away on the side of my desk so that everyone got a turn. I really tried to balance catching my more challenging students being good, along with my always well-behaved kids.

You can grab my mystery guest winner list by signing up for exclusive access to our library!!

Is this a teacher trick you are going to have in your classroom?? Make sure to sign up below and share in the comments your favorite classroom management trick!!

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