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Mother Son Snow Ice Cream Date

Got the snow blues?? Well don’t!! When life gives you snow… make snow ice cream!! Check out this Mother Son Snow Ice Cream Date you are sure to love!!

In all honesty, I have to admit that it has taken me a long time to embrace the cold country that we live in!!

And to also accept that there are more months in the year that we will see snow than not!!

For those days when it is way too bitter to go outside… and build a snowman or go sledding… then it may time to embrace your snow woes in a whole new way!!

Snow Ice Cream!!

Years ago, we found a family blog that we loved to follow. And one day our jaws dropped!!

We couldn’t imagine when they were promoting their children to openly embrace bowls of snow…

say what!!

Eating snow?!

You bet your boots!! This family provided a recipe for snow ice cream!! Yum!!

So if you are ready for a whole new adventure and to challenge your assumptions of what snow tastes like… then please grab a son… a daughter… a niece… or nephew and check out this yummy recipe!!

Now, don’t worry we are positive that you have everything you need at your house to make snow ice cream.

You will need vanilla, a pinch of salt, some sugar, and milk!!

Oh!! Don’t forget the snow!! You will want to have about 8 cups of fresh fallen snow.

Now, when we admitted to friends that we eat snow on a pretty regular basis they cringed…

eating snow?!

ewww why!!! How do you keep it from getting dirt and dead leaves and any animal surprises in there….

yuck!! so we thought we would clarify for our dear beloved readers!!

If you don’t have a special place around your home that is not untouched when it starts to snow we recommend placing a huge bowl outside that can fill up when it starts to snow!!

Problem solved!!

Now look how adorable this snow ice cream looks!!

It tastes even better than it looks!!

If you are looking for the recipe for snow ice cream, you will find it located at the bottom of this post in the printable!!

Like usual, in our printable package you will find an invite, a journal page, cut outs to add to your scrap book or journal!!

This Mother Son Snow Ice Cream date called for something extra. When we were sitting together enjoying our ice cream we realized what we were missing!!

Some snow trivia!! So if you want to learn about some super cool facts about snow then you’ll also want to download this printable!!

Have you ever tried snow ice cream before?? Was it what you thought it would taste like?? Let us know in the comments below!!

Mother Son Snow Ice Cream Date
Miss. Merry Berry

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