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Mother Daughter Hairdresser Doll Day

Ready for another Mother-Daughter Activity to create special bonds through one on one time?? Check out this Mother-Daughter Hairdresser Doll day that will help detangle her doll’s hair and teach you and your daughter some fun new hairstyles for both her and her doll!!

We are calling all moms and girls out there!! We have a special day planned for you!!

Have you ladies jumped on the American Girl train yet?? I know we have over here and it is one train we will never regret being on!!

Now, in all honesty, we don’t have American Girl brand dolls but a Canadian brand instead!!

However, these mini best friends are such a sweet and memorable play toy that we truly encourage any brand that brings your little one joy!!

So without further ado, lets talk about this mother-daughter date and why it’s a date you totally need to do!!

So here’s the back story…

There have been countless times where the girls have come and asked me to do their doll’s hair in a certain way!! And to teach them at the same time!!

This is awesome!!!

And I love it!!

I totally do!!

But, it always comes at the most inopportune time like when you’re trying to get a trillion children out the door for school or church.

And so, we thought why not create a mother-daughter date inspired to becoming a dolly hairdresser!!

To start this date off, we decided to leave our specially made invite with a few goodies. We found at our local dollar store a teeny hairbrush made especially for dolls, some mini elastics and clips that would be the absolute perfect addition to this day!!

So if you are wanting to up the anti on how to add a little more excitement to the day then this would be a fun little treat to add on!!

But wait!! We also purchased a spray bottle!!

To hold the magic hair detangler that we included in our printable!!

The recipe and instructions for this dolly hair detangler comes from the blog Buttons and Birds!! This is definitely a tried and true recipe…

So if you want more details or information on how to get those tangles our you can head over there to check it out!!

Now you might be wondering how on earth you can come up with hairstyles to do on your doll friend!! Well don’t worry because we’ve got your back!!

If you head over to the American Girl youtube channel they have created a ton of videos!!

Their doll hairstyles usually range from 1 to 3 minutes.

Some hairstyles are super simple and others a bit more complicated!!

So have fun creating all the fun hairstyles that your daughter wants!!

Once her girl’s hair is done, you’ll want to get her dolled up!! You can even encourage your daughter to get on a matching outfit or fashionable outfit for the next part of the date!!

But!! Don’t forget to have fun doing each other’s hair too!!

Now, you are all dolled up!! So, head on over to the kitchen and make some Strawberry Frappuccinos and Cake pops!!

Now, before this date we didn’t know if a Strawberry Frappuccino contained coffee or caffeine. The answer is…

a definite no!!

A strawberry frappuccino only contains ice cream, ice, strawberries and milk. If you want to be super fancy you can add whipper cream and strawberry syrup on top!!

But we wanted to find a fun pink drink that made your daughter feel super fancy and special about her Mother-Daughter Doll Hairdresser day!!

The drink part of this date was easy to figure out but finding a treat that was just as special. That proved to be a bit more difficult!!

However, a quick trip to Starbucks helped fix that dilemma!! And we were inspired to pair our cutest pink drink Strawberry frappuccino with cake pops!!

We have the easiest cake pop recipe ever!! That will hands down make your life easier!!

All you need to do is grab a box of cake mix, a tub of frosting, some cake pop sticks and candy melts(melting chocolate) in any color you desire!!

We chose purple and blue cause it’s some of the favorite colors around here!!

And we are here to tell you that this Mother Daughter Doll Hairdresser Day was an absolute success!!

There is something so soothing about getting your hair done and learning to create in a whole new way!! After doing our dolls’ hair (I borrowed a sister’s girl) we did each other’s hair!!

And then we dolled up literally and spent some time in the kitchen making our delicious girly treats and talking!!

Talking all about the small and big things that were happening in our world. And it was wonderful!!

So if you are convinced that you need to do this mother daughter date, download our printable below and let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the day was!!

ps. just in case you are new around here we just wanted to explain what exactly you will find in our printable package!! Along with the invite and recipes you will find in the pack, you will also notice that there is a sheet of “stickers” to cut out and use for scrapbooking or journaling!! You will also find a journal page to write down the fun memories that you have together to add to your journals!!

oh!! and don’t forget to take a ton of pictures to remember this special day!! Now go have fun!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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