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Mother Daughter Galaxy Paint Nite

Looking for a way to create some magic during special quality time at home with your cutest little mini-me?? Check out this Mother-Daughter Galaxy Paint Nite!!

Yesterday I was painting, and a little girl peeked her nose over the table. Can I paint too?? She looked up with the sweetest eyes. And absolutely melted my heart!!

So this mother daughter galaxy paint nite is dedicated to her, my little hunny bunny pumpkin!!

And every other little girl who has heart-stealing smiles, twirls in pretty dresses, and loves to paint with her momma!!

We planned everything for this Special Mother-Daughter Galaxy Paint Nite

To start off, we know that one thing that makes a paint night magical is the fancy drinks and treats that are offered.

The first treat that will be a total hit is a kid-friendly mocktail!!

My Heavenly Recipes offers this beautiful and fun recipe!! You will find their recipe in our printable. But you’ll definitely want to check out their website for other fun recipes!!

For this Mermaid Water Mocktail, you will need ice, pineapple juice, Gatorade Frost, and Gatorade Zero Berry flavor!!

photo credit: My Heavenly Recipes

The next fun treat we have is Unicorn Muddy Buddies from Mom Dot. This is a fair warning ahead of time that these are super addictive!! They are not just a “make once” treat and will be something that you will probably make for years to come!!

Again you will find this recipe on their website but you can also find it in our printable!!

For Unicorn Muddy Buddies you will need orange, pink, purple, and blue candy melts!! Along with Chex cereal, sprinkles, coconut, and powdered sugar!!

The last fun recipe we want to share with you is from Kid Friendly Things to do!! And it is Rainbow Chocolate Covered strawberries.

photo credit: Kid Friendly Things to Do

Because lets be honest who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles, chocolate and or strawberries??

All these recipes are fun to try and make together with touches of simplicity!!

Now that you have you food to dine on and a night picked out it is time to get down to the most important part of the evening!!

DIY Galaxy Hoop Painting by Crafts by Courtney

photo credit: Darice

For this Paint Nite you will need:

  • paint in the colors of white, purple, pink, light and dark blue, and black
  • embroidery hoop
  • wax paper
  • glitter paint
  • paintbrush

The directions are super simple:

  1. Tear a piece of wax paper that is bigger than your embroidery hoop
  2. Fold the wax paper in half using hamburger style
  3. Open the wax paper and squirt the different colors only on the left side of the paper.
  4. Once finished, fold the wax paper over again.
  5. Rub your hands all over the paper so that the paint spreads out evenly.
  6. Reopen the paper
  7. Take a paintbrush and splatter white paint all over the wax paper
  8. As you are waiting for your painting to dry, you can paint the embroidery hoop
  9. Open up your embroidery hoop and lay the second one on the table
  10. Place the wax paper on top of the hoop.
  11. Place the top hoop on top of the wax paper and make sure it is tight.
  12. Cut the extra paper off the sides
  13. Once it is positioned and cut the way you want, add some glitter paint on top and use your paintbrush to spread it around.
  14. Once dry hang up on the wall to always remember your special Mother-Daughter Galaxy Paint Nite!!

We hope your night together is magical and lots of memories are made and cherished!!

Share in the comments below how your special night ended and what your favorite part was!!

Enjoy the magic of childhood and those precious little hands who want to craft and create with you.

Mother Daughter Galaxy Paint Nite
Miss. Merry Berry

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