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Mother Daughter Draw So Cute Date

Stuck at home?? Looking for a cute idea to spend some time with that lil mini me of yours?? Look no further!! Check out our Mother Daughter Draw So Cute Date!!

At times, I often wonder what we used to do as kids or back in the olden days before the world of social media and the internet didn’t exist.

How did we learn to draw?? Or learn to do the plethora of activities that our now at our fingertips.

Often times, my oldest will constantly ask me if she can go on youtube to watch a drawing channel. And sometimes it is battle of the wills when I try to convince her to use her own imagination.

As the saying goes when you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

So this date is tailored to that little person in your life who is a true artist at heart.

For this date idea, we decided to use the youtube channel Draw So Cute.

Draw So Cute has a definite girly cutesy vibe to her drawings that we absolutely adore and love!!

Following Big Girl’s passion and love of sloths (check out our other Sloth inspired date here, if you have one of those at your house) we decided to draw a sloth!!

It is incredible how easy it is to come up with a drawing you love when you follow along with Draw So Cute!!

You can pause the video, go at your own pace, chat and laugh as you create your pictures.

This mommy daughter draw so cute date really has to be one of my favorite activities to do!!

It is marvelous to create a fun drawing!! But the relationship you create while having fun is priceless!!

What You’ll Find in Our Download:

So now that you know what this Mommy Daughter Date all entails you are probably wondering what the downloadable printable is exactly for.

In our printable you will find:

  • An invite to leave somewhere for your daughter to find
  • a journal page for either you or your daughter to fill in about the time you spent together
  • and some cute journal add-ins to either cut out and glue into a journal you have created or even a scrapbook with photos that document the fun you have together!!

So let us know in the comments below which video you chose to draw from Draw So Cute!!

Mother Daughter Draw So Cute Date
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