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Mini-Golf Mother Son Date

Have you checked out our bowling mother son date?? If you have awesome!! You’re the best ever!!

If not then you will want to check it out after this post!! Because we added some silly fun to bowling too!!

However, this post is all about mini golf… or… mini putt putt

whatever you call it has to be one of my favorite activities ever!! How about you??

There’s something so satisfying about shooting a little ball into a hole. Especially when there is fun music and a theme to the game!!

No matter what kind of mini-golf place you attend, you’re sure to have tons of fun with this silly golf date spin.

As we usually say, while we have this recommended for a Mother Son Pair. This date would work great for any duo!!

Mother Son Silly Mini Golf

So without further ado, lets talk Silly Mini Golf!!

When I was a teenager one of the most fun dates I went on was out for mini-golf. But rather than playing normally we had to complete a bunch of tasks.

Talk about pressure!! It’s slightly embarrassing acting so goofy with the cute boy that’s hanging out with you. But the fun and memories make it all worth it!!

So while you have a cute boy that you love to death with you why not spread the fun and be silly with him.

We encourage you to get your camera ready to go and capture these funny tasks that you’ll be asked to do.

Capturing the moment without distractions

Now some have brought up concerns about being distracted when they take their phones out to take pictures. We have a suggestion just for you!! If possible don’t just put your phone on silent. Put it to sleep.

On the iPhone there is a do not disturb option!! It allows you to quiet all distractions for one hour, until this evening or until I leave this place. Isn’t that awesome!!

That way you can capture the fun but avoid the distractions!!

How to make mini golf silly

With that out of the way, let’s explain this date.

From what we have learned about mini-golf. There are usually 18 frames for a mini-golf game.

The task cards will ask you and your partner to complete a serious of silly events to complete on your journey. This activity really is all about just having fun together and letting loose.

Some of the tasks are to use the golf club like an elephant trunk, bowling your ball in, or even bouncing it in like a bunny.

Mini-Golf Snacks

I don’t know if your kids are like this but somehow our special one on one time always leads to snacks! Not just the typical veggie or fruit snack but a special snack or treat. One that they don’t usually get.

So for this Mother Son Mini Golf Date, we decided that it would be fun to surprise your child with a little party favor at the end. Grab a little bucket and some fun white powdered donuts holes. Plunk them into the bucket and wrap it in cellophane!! Let that cutie of yours know that you had a “ball” hanging out with them!!

We hope you enjoy this one on one time with that kid of yours!! We would love to hear funny stories, any tips tricks or new ideas to add on!! Share in the comments below and happy golfing!!

Mini Golf Mother Son Date
Mini Golf Date Favor
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