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Meet Your Teacher, Miss. Merry Berry

Who I am!!

Well hey there friend!! I’m Merrawyn. But you are probably more familiar with your child or student calling me Miss. Merry Berry!!

Welcome to my little corner of the world for play and learning!! I’m really happy to see you here ready to embark on an amazing learning journey for you and your child!! Get ready to be a part of an adventure to create opportunities for your child or student to discover a lifelong love of learning and how fun learning can actually be.

My education started in college obtaining a two-year college diploma in Early Learning with a focus on working with students who have special needs in early learning and preschool settings!! I then went on to continue my post-secondary education and gained a Bachelor’s of Elementary Education with a focus in Early Learning and Reading Intervention skills.

I have spent 13 years working in a variety of classroom environments and have taught Pre-K to Grade 9.

I am a firm believer that no matter the age that students can learn through play. If you have older students and are seeking ways to help your children become responsible for their own learning and do so in a way that is engaging and interesting please set up a FREE 20-minute consultation where I will help you change to a play-based curriculum even for your middle school students. All recommendations will be based off your location’s curriculum. However, it is mandatory and an expectation that before anything is implemented that I have recommended for your family that it be approved by the proper administration that is over your child’s learning and funding.

So I guess that leads to the question what I can find on your blog??

Here on Pails of Love, you will learn everything you need about play-based learning and how to transition your curriculum to be focused on play.

As a certified Pre-k and Elementary Teacher, I will be providing learning courses and resources in a variety of Early Learning subjects.

Currently, I am working on releasing an English Language Basics- Preschool Level course to help teach English Learners foundational words in English.

After this, I will be working on a full-year play-based curriculum for Pre-K and Kinder learners.

Then I will be working on Teaching Your Child to Read through play.

Please stay tuned for release dates!!

Why I made Pails of Love

Pails of Love was created to be a one-stop-shop where you can learn all about Play-Based Learning and to register your child in fun play-based learning opportunities to learn the necessary skills needed to be successful in all ares of life .

In order to create a better world and a change for the future, we need to start in our homes and classrooms to create not only a love of learning but also a connection with the children we have the opportunity to lead and influence positively. And play-based learning is a fantastic way to do that.

So, if you ever have a tip or idea that you feel should be included on this blog then please reach out via the contact me form here on the blog…

Or you can email me at hello{@}

Welcome friends, I really am so glad you’re here!!

About Me

About Me

Miss. Merry Berry

Hey There!! My name is Miss. Merry Berry I'm an Elementary Teacher focused on teaching english through play based learning (Preschool to Grade 3) I love creating fun play based content to teach your child english through a variety of games, songs, and stories. My goal is to make learning engaging for your child and help them learn English in a positive and impactful way. You can find many useful courses, play based activities, and learning games here and on my TPT store. Want to stay informed and up to date?? Follow along on instagram!! Welcome!! Read More

Miss. Merry Berry

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