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Mani-Pedi Mommy-Daughter Date

I love painting my girls’ nails. There is something so darling about those teeny tiny nails being painted in bright fun colors.

My inner teacher loves nail polishes!!

Want to practice working on colors, patterns or getting just downright creative pull out those nail polishes!! Because we have the perfect mommy-daughter date for you!!

Mani-Pedi Mommy-Daughter Date

There is something so calming about being pampered. It feels nice to feel pretty. As much as I enjoy it I know that my girls enjoy it just as much.

When my curly girl is having a bad day she loves to pull out all our different nail polishes and have me paint her nails.

No matter how much time you have or don’t have this Mommy-Daughter time is the perfect one on one date!!

You really can do this date at home or salon. Want to be pampered?? Go out!! Want a free date?? Stay in!!

A Spa Day In

If you choose to stay home for this date then we thought we would share with you some fun tips we have learned along the way!!

Remember how I told you that I love teeny tiny nails painted?? I love them so much I thought nail stickers would be awesome to use…

but boy was I wrong!! After spending nearly an hour getting them on I found out only minutes later that the girls had picked them off!! So don’t use nail stickers!!

So then I decided to try nail polish for kids. Another bad idea. It smells good and usually has super cute colors but those peel right off too!! If you want non-toxic and something kid-friendly then maybe this is the product for you.

But if you are like me and want something to stay put for at least a day or two or three then we recommend Essie Nail Polish!!

Essie Nail Polish has proved to be the nail polish that doesn’t come off and lasts on little fingers and toes for at least a week!! They come in a ton of colors and then you can get a clear gel overlay polish that we swear by!! It doesn’t alter the color at all and leaves the nail polish to last longer than just painting the nails!! If you want to try this nail polish out: our favorite colors are: Strike a Rose, Take the Lead, Tangoed in Love, Topless and barefoot, and Island Hopping.

Mommy-Daughter Connection

This is the perfect time in just being still and sitting that those hearts to heart conversations can happen with your daughter. Sometimes we have found in the busyness of life it can be hard to truly connect. So we decided to provide you in our download with a “102 would you rather questions” to ask your little one.

When we did this with our girls they had a blast sharing their answers and telling us why they chose what they chose. On more than one occasion the girls fell over in fits of giggles over the silly questions they came up with to ask each other after this date had happened.

We really hope this date is a blast and that it not only proves to provide some pampering but also a closer connection!! Let us know in the comments below what funny would you rather questions you came up with or other mani-pedi tips you recommend!!

Mani-Pedi Mommy Daughter Date
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