Long Distance Play Your Favorite Song

Looking for another fun long-distance date?? Well, look no further because we have one planned just for you!! Check out our Long Distance Play Your Favorite Song Date

A song that has seemed to take the world by storm in the TikTok world is Girl Put Your makeup On.  And more often than not I get this song stuck in my head on probably a daily basis!!

So much I went and found the actual song and lyrics to add to my Amazon Playlist cause honestly this Long Distance Play Your Favorite Song totally matches!!

“Don’t you hesitate, Girl put your records on, tell me your favourite song!!”

The very best lyrics are these… the very last line… “You’re going to find yourself someday, somehow!!”  

Love love love love this song!!

And I feel like this song “Put Your Records On” is the best song to be playing while you prep this special long distance play your favourite song date!! 

If you’ve hung around on Pails of Love you will notice that we did this date for a parent child car series date!!  And it was a huge hit!!  

We have had glowing reviews of it!!  And it has been absolutely amazing!!

Because it can be used over and over and over again when going places in the car.  

Total disclaimer this is definitely let your guard down and let that special person into your world kinda date.  

We were thinking that this may not be a good first date with your boo… but we actually take that back.

One amazing thing about long distance relationships is that you create an emotional connection so quick that you just know if you are going to hit it off with someone. 

Sometimes, you don’t realize that it is moving so fast because it just feels so right.  

Walls come down quick.  Inside jokes happen so fast.  And the magic of a relationship is born.  

We could rant and rave about Long Distance Relationships so much because we just love them so so so much.  If you’re single and have never tried out a long distance relationship you might want to consider it if you are looking for that deep down emotional and intimate connection. 

And if you want to know if he loves you if you’re in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) check out our post 6 Ways to tell he loves you in a LDR

Okay now that we have been on our LDR soap box love rant long enough…

let’s break down this Long Distance PLay Your Favorite Song date.  

All you will need for this date is your zoom or FaceTime, another device to play your music choices, and drum roll please!!

Our fun food idea!!

When we think of music we think of the good ol’ days in the 50 diners where you could slip a coin into the slot of that juke box machine and play your favourite song.  

With the development and easy accessibility of technology things have truly changed that.  

But that feeling we can recreate in our homes with our boo!!

So what you are going to do is this:

-go to the bottom of this post and download our special Long Distance Play Your favourite song printable.

Please please please note that this one is for couples or someone you are dating.  Please don’t use this one with your kiddos!!  If you want the kid, tween and teen friendly version… check out our Car Series #2 Date Car Tunes!!

Okay so you are going to want to have access to youtube, Spotify, amazon music, iTunes … what other music apps are out there??  Can you let us know in the comments below so we can share them??

We use Amazon music and sometimes have to bounce to youtube when it doesn’t have our song for free without the extended music option but that’s okay.  

We are all about cheap here at Pails of Love.

So you’re going to pull out a song suggestion like:

What song would you love to make out to

What song made you feel better when you were going through a hard time??

Being able to share your music favourites and get vulnerable with that person you are crushing on or dating really changes the game of your relationship.  

Our fam jam absolutely loves music and we break into song A LOT!! So this date truly holds a special place in our hearts.

Many times we will play songs for each other that remind us of something special about that person and it really creates a special bond.  

And music truly creates a beat in our hearts that holds a special place.  

Sorry we may be bouncing around a bit in the post, but the next thing we will chat about quick is food.

If you have ever been to a 50’s diner you’ll notice they serve the classics.

Hamburgers or Hot Dogs

French fries or Onion Rings 

Ice Cold Cola

Hot Fudge Sundaes or Root Beer Floats

So pick some favs and hunker done virtual date style for a super fun date!!

We really want to create some home decor backgrounds that you can set up for your virtual dates so you will find that this date idea will host some 50 inspired photos that you can print up and hang up behind you to just make the date that much more special!! 

So let us know in the comments below what your favorite song is right now!!  And also which meal ticket items did you pick for your date night??  

Long Distance Play Your Favorite Song Invite
Long Distance Date Play Your Fav Song Printable
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