Long-Distance Couples Trade Me Challenge

Looking for a way to connect with your boo even though you are miles apart?? Check out our Long-Distance Couples Trade Me Challenge to bring some fun, spontaneity, and that closeness you crave.

Recently, I stumbled across the absolute coolest idea ever and the idea for a Long-Distance Couples Trade Me Challenge was born.  

A girl, named Demi, has jumped on a challenge that she has named the Trade Me Project.

Have you heard of it before??

If not, let me catch you up!!

Her inspiration came from this story:

In 2006, a Canadian man Kyle MacDonald, set out to trade a single red paperclip to a farmhouse.  

It took him only 14 trades.  

The trades and things he was able to get were absolutely crazy and SO impressive!!

So Demi, created a TikTok and Instagram channel and account to recreate this same project but this time, to trade from a bobby pin to a house.  

Her latest journey has taken her from a bobby pin to a small wooden house at the moment.

I was absolutely intrigued by the idea. 

How can you go from something like a paperclip or bobby pin that can be seen as something simple or lacking in value to these huge trades??  

And, it reminded me that in a self-paced business course I came across they had the same type of challenge.

“Starting with a paperclip, what can you get to in a matter of 25 trades??”

I never did it.  Because, lets face it a couple of years I did not have the confidence that I had anything to offer to anyone else.  

It has been the fact that I have gone through a life of losing absolutely everything and having to start from the ground up.  That I have learned to embrace my strengths and weaknesses.

But girl, that is a conversation for another day!!

However, I really wanted to try this idea.  

And I thought why not get boo in on the idea too!!

So invite your boo for the night to show up virtually with a paperclip and the printable.


The first thing that you will do is spend some time talking about your tangible hopes and dreams.  

And then you are going to decide that on earth you want to try to trade this paperclip for.  

Are you going to follow suite and try for a house??

Or what are you going to come up with??

I still am unsure what I exactly want.  So we might have to update this post once our own challenge rolls out.  

Once you have come up with your vision and what you are aiming for, utilize one of the colored note cards to write that first-person a note.  

Express to them before you even know who it is your gratitude for helping you to begin your journey of making your dreams come true.  Allow the positivity to flow onto that paper and being a chain reaction!!

Allow the universe to hear your dreams and start the process of making them come true!!

Share in the comments below what exactly you are going to trade your paperclip for!! 

We would love to hear your progress and stay in the loop of how your trade me challenge goes!!

PS. If you are looking for more fun long-distance date ideas head over to our Long Distance Date Ideas for more fun and connection no matter how far apart you are!!

Long Distance Trade Me Challenge
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