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Letters to Santa

October 23, 2020 in Christmas, Holidays - No Comments

Looking for a way to bring some Christmas magic but still keep things simple?? Check out this post on how to write Letters to Santa to bring some Christmas Joy into your home!!

And just like that somehow summer has rolled into fall and Jack Frost is already starting to nip at our nose!! With all jokes aside, can you believe that in only a month and a half that Christmas will be here?!

We can’t!!

Christmas around here is sort of a big deal!!


Christmas brings magic.

And we love magic!!

And we love creating that magic for your family and ours!!

But even better than creating magic is providing free simple traditions to do with your family that they will love for years to come!!

And writing letters to Santa definitely can be one of them!!

So how do you begin??

It’s easy!!

Grab our free Dear Santa printables and spend an afternoon with your little ones writing letters to that Jolly Big Guy!!

Make sure that somewhere on your letter that you have included your own address so that you can get a letter back from Santa!!

Santa’s Address is:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

Wait now you may be thinking umm I’m not Canadian so what gives!! But!! With a little research we found out that Santa letters are written in more than 30 languages, including Braille. And that no matter where you live in the world that Santa will write you back!!

We use this Santa Letter Program each Christmas season and it really is something else!!

I remember as a young girl being so excited when my mom told me that I had received a letter in the mail!!

I wondered who it could have been from and I couldn’t believe my eyes when she placed in my hands an envelope.

Now this wasn’t an ordinary envelope.

This was an envelope that had a picture drawn on it and had my name on it and it came from none other than Santa himself.

I cherished that letter and still have it tucked away somewhere. The crease on the letter is worn from being open and read and reread and read again. Because somehow believing in Santa helped me get through a lot in my young life.

Now isn’t that magic??

Have you ever written to Santa and got back a response?? Do you have a different Santa Letter program you use and swear by?? Let us know in the comments below we would love to hear from you!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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