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LEGO Island Mother Son Date

LEGO has to be one of the greatest inventions ever!! Hours of endless fun, building, and rebuilding, and hours of quiet from your babes. What is there not to love as a parent??

Okay, maybe it isn’t true that I absolutely love LEGO. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. I don’t love it when I step on it or it is dumped onto the clean toy room floor. But I believe that the benefits of LEGO truly outweigh the cons.

As a momma, I do love that my kids come to me with their creations asking for help to find pieces. Or when they can’t get pieces apart that they come and ask for my assistance and I somehow get roped into building with them.

I also adore the fact that as we play with LEGO I look up and hours of quiet and peace have passed with us all together concentrating and sharing our creations.

But, the greatest benefit of all is the heart to heart conversations I have had with my children as they talk with me. Heart conversations are such a treat so we thought a LEGO Island Mother Son Date would be the perfect activity to share with you.

LEGO Island Materials

For this Mother Son Date, you will need LEGO.

If you haven’t started a LEGO collection yet you can check out some of our favorite sets. Which are the beginner set, this sunken pirate ship for our girl LEGO crew, or your own Pirate Treasure Island Set!!

The other things that you will need for this date are brownies, we suggest the Little Debbie Brownies, or a boxed brownie mix, vanilla frosting, gel food coloring, and m and m’s.

Let’s be honest, every special activity needs a treat and these LEGO brownies are just the cutest!! You can find instructions to make these LEGO brownies from the website In The Kid’s Kitchen.

You can either make these LEGO brownies ahead of time or use it as part of your activity for this date!!

LEGO Island Instructions

We originally found a similar idea to our LEGO challenge Island Date at Lego Librarian.

You can find tons of amazing ideas using Lego!! Check his site out and share some love!!

In our download you will find an invite and challenge cards!!

Once you have built your Island then the fun begins!!

Pick a catastrophe for your island and figure out how to combat it!!

Some of the examples are pirates have invaded your Island, or monkeys have ransacked your home.

You can complete one of the challenges or do them all depending on how much time you have.

What did you create??

We really loved doing this activity together!! It is so fun to see how the minds of little people work and the way that each child problem solves in a different way!!

We hope that this LEGO Island challenge really provides you with some quiet time to connect with your child and have that heart to heart you’re looking for!!

We would absolutely love to see your creations, please share them in the comments below!! Happy building!!

LEGO Island Challenge Printable

In this printable, you will find a LEGO Island Invite, an island task card, and 6 challenges.  Enjoy building!!

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