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Inch Worm Classroom Management Strategy

This is another fantastic teacher tip from Teacher Tipster!! If you have a chatty classroom or student then this is the trick you absolutely need!! It’s called the Inch Worm Classroom Management Strategy.

In many of the elementary classrooms, you will find tile flooring which is exactly what you need. If you don’t have tile flooring you can always use tape!!

The trick of this Inch Worm Classroom Management Strategy is simple. You’ll pull out a plush inchworm (truthfully I just use a cute plush snake!!) and place it at the back of the classroom. Your inchworm will need to move tile by tile to get to the front of the classroom by the end of the day.

What you’ll tell your class is that Mr. Book Worm is very shy and only will move if it is quiet. And so the students will have to use their inside voices and whisper to get Mr. Book Word to move to get to the finish line.

If Mr. Book Worm makes it to the finish line your students will win a prize. It could be a gummy candy, a sticker or stamp, a funky pencil or eraser, or end class 5-minutes early to play a game in class.

I promise that this classroom tip will work wonders in your early learning classroom!! Will this be a classroom trick that you’ll start??

You can sign up below to get our starting and finishing line inchworm posters!! Just grab access to them by signing up below!!

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