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I Love You Edition Don’t Eat Pete

Is your family a sucker for the game Don’t Eat Pete?? Then check out our Valentine’s I Love You Edition Don’t Eat Pete!!

Here at Pails of Love we seem to have gone on a bit of a Don’t Eat Pete kick because we legit play it a lot!! (Check out our Don’t Eat Frosty, and Happy Birthday editions we play those ones a lot!!)

Rather than letting it get old, we keep the magic alive by switching the game up!!

The easiest way to switch up the game is to play the next holiday and come up with a fun new saying to use!!

Like legit, there are times we don’t even play this with candy and use things like buttons and math counters because the kids around here love it that much!!

So for Valentine’s Day we thought there was no better way to spread the love than by letting those closest to you know how much you love them!!

So really the rules of I Love You Edition Don’t Eat Pete are really the same as the original!!

The only difference is instead of shouting Don’t Eat Pete…

you yell I Love You instead!!

It’s honestly the best game and so fun to watch the reactions of the kiddos around you!!

If you need a reminder or a rundown of the rules!! Here they are:

  1. Have the players help place one candy in each square
  2. Send one player out of the room
  3. Pick one of the squares to be I Love You
  4. Call child back in the room
  5. Don’t tell them the square where I Love You is
  6. The child picks the candy off the squares one at a time.
  7. Your child will continue until they reach the I Love You square.
  8. Once they pick up that candy all the other players yell I Love You!!

Some specific candies that you can use for your Valentine’s I Love You Edition Don’t Eat Pete are:

  • cinnamon hearts
  • conversation candy hearts
  • jujube hearts
  • red, pink, and white m and ms
  • Hershey kisses
  • chocolate caramel individually wrapped hearts

We really hope that providing this game in all elements for holidays that your kids love them as much as ours do!!

Happy Valentine’s, we love and appreciate each one of you!!

I Love You

Miss. Merry Berry

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