How to tell a Guy Isn’t Actually Into You

I know we talk a lot about the warning signs out there about guys and we promise this will be one of the last ones for a while, but here’s How To Tell A Guy Isn’t Actually Into You

I feel like there are times where I am pretty good at reading guys… and other times NOT so much.

Sometimes, I think it is that I left my heart rule my head.  And sometimes, I think guys’ just like to play the game and you’re part of the game which sucks!!

So, if you are questioning where you stand with a guy, look no further because we got the scoop for you!! 

To start, here is what you need to first know:

If a guy is into you:

The relationship will be very very easy.  Your first 3 months with that hottie are going to be very exciting and fun. 

You two will be having an absolute blast together and each day will be so SO fun!!

He will want to become exclusive with you and will want to tell the whole world about who you are in his life!! 

But, if you aren’t getting that then, here’s how to tell a guy isn’t actually into you

Because fortunately ladies, there are good men out there that will tell you the signs to look for.  

So what the men said is this:  

First, ask yourself Is this guy hot and cold or does there feel like there is a grey area??

I know girl, that this is going to be hard to admit but he might just be stringing you along…. 

A guy who doesn’t really want something with you then he is going to be frugal with his time.  

You will be the afterthought… if that.  He will give you his last minute slots.

AND, he WON’T take you on any REAL dates!!

A guy who wants to be with you will find the time with you to be a blessing and NOT a burden!!  

Don’t allow his words to keep you believing that he misses you or likes you if his actions don’t match his words.  

You can read our, How To Know a Guy’s the Real Deal or Is He Actually Just Wasting Your Time?? 

The biggest lesson that I am still learning through this dating adventure is do his words match his investment??

If he isn’t investing!!


Do not give him any more time than he is going you cause girl you are worth more that that!!  

A guy who isn’t into you is not going to be texting, or calling, or asking you on any dates.  He won’t give you the time of day because you are not on his mind!!  

Or, he will pull the classic that I seem to get a lot of. 

He will either reschedule plans, cancel on the day of or just entirely disappear.  He might even use legit excuses like his kids or work. 

But you will find he uses those two values to become his pattern of excuses of why he can’t hang out or talk.  

He might even do this as a way to push you away and make you mad so you leave him alone.  

I recently, just had the experience of a guy ghosting me so when I called him on it by texting him three days later he had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault for not texting him so I didn’t deserve his time or effort.  

So, I sought out to prove him wrong… or really to prove to myself that I wasn’t the problem…  

And this is what I saw…

And you guessed it.  Three days later he ghosted me again…

I’d have to say that’s not on me…

Girl, don’t feel bad for knowing what you want and expecting a guy to give you the proper respect to call it like it is.  

Please, please learn from my mistake that when it feels off trust your intuition!!

If he has a meh attitude, lacks consistency and is being selfish with his time and level of investment.  But that guy on hold!!  

You should never feel like you fall low on his list placing in the 3, 4, or 5 category.  

Ugh I could go on and on… but do you really need me to??  

If you want I’ll sum the rest up quick…

Or maybe I’ll just put it in question form:

-Is he always busy on Fridays and Saturdays??  Never makes time for you??

-Is he only interested in being physical but not having an intimate emotional soul connection??

-does he tell you he’s not ready??

-Or stalk you on social media but won’t talk to you??

-Does he take you around his social circles??

-Do things feel hot and cold??

If your answers have got you wondering it’s because he isn’t being true to you or himself!! 

Girl if he is interested, he will make his intentions known!!

He won’t leave you guessing.

He doesn’t want another guy to swoop in and steal his thunder or spot light!!

A guy that likes you is going to be friendly, consistent and kind.  

You will be showered with love and affection.  

He will show that his interest is black or white no in between.  

So don’t settle for anything less because when it’s right you will know that it’s the real deal.  

You won’t be left wondering, hoping, and questioning the relationship and searching on how to tell a guy isn’t actually into you.

  You’ll just know!! 

And I know that’s what both you and I want. 

So chin up girl!! 

The right guy is out there <3

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