How to Be Prepared for any Holiday or Event

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Wanting to know truly how to be prepared for any holiday or event check out the way to accomplish these goals!!

Holidays come and holidays go.  Sometimes you totally hit the mark and other times it seems as if you’ve missed something and it doesn’t feel quite right.  Is this you??  Because its totally us!!  Are you tired of feeling frustrated??  Overwhelmed??  Disappointed??  Or like you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything planned and completed??   Then check out this post on how to be prepared for any holiday or event!!

So lets start off with this…

Is there a family that you totally admire??  And secretly or maybe vocally wish that you were more like??  We know a family like that!!  

So what do they do differently??  Why do they seem to always be hitting the mark in being prepared and celebrating any event they have to the fullest?? 

After much quiet observing we have learned that the number one reason that those families are doing what they are doing and having the fun that they are is because they have spent the time planning.  

That’s it.


The word that sometimes you and me love to secretly hate.  

Because lets face it. Sometimes just getting through the day is all the planning that we can do.  

But we have also come to learn that more gets done and accomplished in terms of work and play when we do plan.  

In all honesty it seems like there are the planners and those that fly by the seat of their pants on what seems to be fun or a good idea for that day.  

But sadly when we fly by the seat of our pants we just don’t get the things done that we want or need to do.  

Is your family a little bit like this??

We always found ourselves last minute trying to figure out what to do for the summer. 

Or Christmas Vacation or Spring Break. 

Or whatever holiday came our way. 

The list goes on and on.   

We’d scramble to come up with a plan and sometimes the days would bring lots of fun and happy memories.  

But other times we missed out on the fun because we simply just lost track of time and the day got away from us.  

Too many times we felt like we dropped the ball in planning fun activities with our family because we just. simply. ran out of time.  

It almost seems like you and I are always trying to beat the clock. 

We always are in a race against getting more done,

Seeing more,

Completing more projects or tasks than we have ever done before. 

And that in itself seems to get really exhausting. 

Check out our post of Stop Being Super Mom if you think you might be suffering from Mommy Burnout!!

So Type B. 

My friend over there. 

I see you. 

I understand you. 

I am you. 

Planning sometimes is seriously the pits. 

But planning also leads to fun and success.

Sooo if you are looking to change the way your family celebrates holidays or special events then check out our download!!  

In it you will find a daily routine check list.  A weekly and monthly planner of things you want to get done. 

Heck we even decided to throw in a monthly bucket list.

Because sometimes you just forget the things that you want to get done until you write them down.  

When we decided to change the way that we organize and planned our holidays we saw success.  

At the beginning of the month, as a couple or sometimes as a family we would sit down together and talk about things that we each individually and as a family needed or wanted to do.  That’s where your monthly bucket list will come in. 

Write down all the ideas.

Even if you know that you aren’t going to do them!!

And then grab your monthly sheet and see where they need to be fit in.   You might want to stop here and just pin this on your fridge!!  Hey we aren’t judging.  Depending on the month this is where we tend to stop too!!  

But if your life seems to be a little bit chaotic. Or if you have more activities, holidays and events planned then you might even want to break this down into what it would look like for each week of the month.   

The last step that we found super helpful in planning and organizing our holidays, celebrations and events is to has a daily routine that we follow.

Kids love and thrive on routine!!  So get the yucky jobs and tasks done at the beginning of the day if possible and then leave the rest of the day for fun!!  

We hope that learning that the only things that you need to do to be successful and truly enjoy all those special occasions in your life is to plan will allow you to enjoy them all that much more!!

Comment below if you have a tip or idea to share of how you plan and organize your holidays to get it all done and accomplished!!

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