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Happy New Year Edition Don’t Eat Pete

We love love love the game Don’t Eat Pete!! So much in fact that we have one for every holiday!! So check out our Happy New Year Edition Don’t Eat Pete!!

Are you ready for a New Year celebration and party at home??

We are!!

It is really nice, to be home and have a quiet night celebrating the day with those who matter the most!!

So here is another edition of the super fun game of Happy New Year Edition Don’t Eat Pete game!!

If you haven’t checked out our other editions of Don’t Eat Pete!! Then you are in for a real treat!! Look we even rhymed!!

We have A Don’t Eat Frosty edition, a cute dinosaur happy birthday edition, and a cute girly happy birthday edition!! Just know, we are going all out and covering all the bases that surround Don’t Eat Pete for your family’s convience!! You’ll definitely thank us later!!

Don’t worry, we promise that we have other ideas in store but why not throw up the ultra-fun game that covers every holiday season so that they are there for you all year round!!

The rules are quick and this game can be prepped last minute!! All you need is candy!!

So check out our Happy New Year Edition Don’t Eat Pete Game!!

  1. Have the players help place one candy in each square
  2. Send one player out of the room
  3. Pick one of the squares to be Happy New Year
  4. Call child back in the room
  5. Don’t tell them the square where Happy New Year is
  6. The child picks the candy off the squares one at a time.
  7. Your child will continue until they reach the Happy New Year square.
  8. Once they pick up that candy all the other players yell Happy New Year

Some fun candy ideas that we had were using candy that was yellow to fit the theme!! Yellow candy ideas that we could think of were actually some of the same ones that are found in our You are My Sunshine Care Package!!

Those yellow fun ideas were:

So grab some yellow candy download our printable and enjoy counting down the New Year with the best people to do it with!!

Oh!! And let us know are there other New Year games that you like to play?? Let us know in the comments below!!

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